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Flash Game: Operation Undead

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Tank Commanders!

The zombie invasion has begun from out of nowhere and is currently devouring our peaceful villages and towns and a terrifying pace. Soon they will reach the major cities and all will be lost... unless you do your part to stem the tide!

From the developers of World of Tanks: Crayfish comes to you a new top-down perspective tower-defense game... with tanks! Instead of fighting gigantic sentient crustaceans however, you'll now be facing off against a classic enemy: zombies.

In Operation Undead, you fight against hordes of zombies equipped with state-of-the-art zombie technology. With 18 types of tanks, SPGs and anti-aircraft guns available as well as 3 special skills that can annihilate the enemy and turn the tide of battle, we promise that you'll engage in exciting battles each time you start a new game.

It's now up to you to stop the invasion. Are you ready for it? Then Let's Battle!


Play Operation Undead here!