February Featured Contributor - Shellsp0nge!

New month, new me! And by ‘me’ we mean, a new featured contributor for World of Tanks. February is a special month for many reasons - 1.4, Lunar New Year, Frontline, and JayRated’s birthday!? But it’s also a big month for ShellSp0nge, who will be taking the honours for the next few weeks. Find out more about the Aussie CC below. 

So, tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What clan are you in? How long have you been a community contributor?' 

My name is Cameron Richardson, I am currently 21 years old and have been a part of the CC program since February last year. My home is in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales and my home in Tanks is currently with the 1st Armoured Regiment also known as -1AR- (Who have to be one of the best bunch of guys that I have played Tanks with). Always great to have a great conversation with and on top of that, a very competitive bunch of guys in on the Clan Wars map as well. 

'What are your top three favourite tanks and why?' 

The first of my three favourite tanks would have to be the VIII UDES 03 . I like how sneaky and how quick it can get into location to set up, which has allowed me to 2 mark it currently at 90% MOE (Marks of Excellence).

I am also currently enjoying playing the VI VK 28.01  ; that tank has great base view rage for a Tier VI light tank, nice rate of fire and ok mobility. On top of that, it is my first tank I have 3 marked! 

Thirdly, the X Super Conqueror ! Once hull-down this thing will become the king of the ridge. Nice bouncy turret that can also bounce premium rounds all day long. Great penetration as well, will pen nearly everything with standard shells. 

'How often do you usually stream/post videos, and what does your content usually focus on?'

I usually stream from Saturday until Wednesday 19:30 UTC+8. I do put videos on YouTube as well when I have some replays/content to put up. At this stage, I just record the gameplay of replays that I receive from other players and myself when I have a decent game, but I will be doing commentary sometime down the track. My content focuses on getting more players into the game/community, showing game mechanics, how-to’s as a new player etc, and on top of that, how fun the game can be as well!

'What's the single best tip you could give someone trying to improve at World of Tanks?'

Be patient, wait and see what the enemy will do and take a shot when you can. If dead or taking damage, think on what you could have or should have done, and create a plan in your head to utilize for future battles.

'And what's the best tip you could give someone trying to improve their content creation?'

Same as before! Be patient. When starting fresh it is hard because people will have to discover your channel/s. So, keep putting content out and the more people will eventually find you. 

You can find Shellsp0nge’s stream here: 

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