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Fan Art Project

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Tank Commanders,

Regardless of skill level, drawing is one of the best ways to express your ideas and relieve stress - for yourself, and the people appreciating your piece. In recognitition of awesome fan art and their creators, we present the Fan Art Project. This project is to encourage all artistic souls out there to share their artwork and ideas that inspired them to create their pieces.

As part of the project, Wargaming Asia's art team will regularly assess works submitted to the Fan Art section. Players whose works are featured will be rewarded with 2,000 in recognition of their masterpieces.

Fan Art Project


  1. Submit your creations to the Fan Art section of the forums.
  2. Tell us and the community about your inspiration along with anything you wish to share about the creative process that went into your work.
  3. Fan art submissions will be collected regularly and works chosen by the Wargaming Asia art team will be displayed in the "Fan Art" section of the portal!


Recognition gift:

  • 2,000 will be given to featured players and will be credited within 2 weeks after the feature.



  • All work must be original. Submitting work created by other users will result in getting barred from participating in the Fan Art Project.
  • Applicable Terms and Conditions shall be in effect.


Share your works on the Fan Art section here