Fair Play Update: Jul 2020


Keeping our game fair and clean remains one of our top priorities, so we’ve once again deployed a massive ban wave across all servers. In this wave, we’ve penalized 169 accounts in the Asia region. 114 of these accounts have received their first warning, and 55 have been banned permanently. These banned accounts have also been removed from the Ranked Battles leaderboard.

To avoid falling afoul of future ban waves, be sure to only use the verified mods from the Mod Hub in your game! It's the safest place to download various mods for World of Tanks, without worrying about policy violations.

Watch the video below to learn more about mods!

If you'd like a deeper understanding of what is considered cheating or exploiting in World of Tanks, read the detailed Fair Play Policy.

If you believe you have been incorrectly banned by the recent wave, please contact Player Support here.

Let’s play fair and enjoy the game responsibly!