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[Event] Secret Santa

Note: Secret Santa event closes on 4 January, 2016 at 17:00 UTC+8

Tank Commanders,

Everybody loves giving and receiving presents during the festive season. Then, why don't we exchange gifts with people who were on the battlefields with us all year long? Now you can become a Secret Santa and give presents to other players without even knowing their name and address!

How this works:

  • Visit our special holiday page.
  • Click BECOME A SECRET SANTA to give a present to a random player.
  • Wait a bit, and you will also get a present from another player.

You will get exactly as many presents as you have made. But only the true Santa knows what kind of gift it will be, because the year-end holidays is a time for surprises! One thing is known for sure: your gift box won't be empty.

When the event is over, every participant will be awarded a special commemorative medal.

Let's make presents and celebrate the winter season together!


 Become a Secret Santa!