Elite Levels: Show Off Your Experience Before the Battle Even Begins!

Every Commander has their favorite vehicles. They may be fully decorated with progressive decals and have the rarest awards, but you still enjoy playing them as much as you did the very first time. So how can you display your immense experience in these vehicles when they’re already at their best? That’s where the Elite Levels system comes in!

This new achievement system indicates your experience in a particular vehicle. It’s simple: the more experience you have earned in a vehicle, the higher its Elite Level. Let’s see how it works.


Elite Levels: Let the World See Your Wealth of Experience!

Elite Levels don’t provide you with any combat advantages or any additional rewards. Instead, they highlight your wealth of battle experience and let everyone see how well you know your vehicle. They are your personal point of pride and show how much of the most valuable resource—time—you have invested in your favorite vehicles.

The Elite Levels system will be introduced in Update 1.22.1 and only applies to Elite vehicles at Tier V and above. To achieve Elite status in a vehicle, you need to research all its modules and the subsequent vehicle(s) within its Tech Tree branch. After that, all the Combat XP you have earned in this vehicle will count toward the vehicle’s Elite Level.

Don't forget that all Premium and reward vehicles come with Elite status by default.

The main purpose of this system is to be visible to other players, so Elite Levels will be shown as a numerical counter:

  • In the vehicle’s stats
  • In the team panels in battle*
  • On the Platoon screen

You can adjust the width of team panels to display your preferred Elite Levels visualization in battle.

Progressing Through the Elite Levels

There will be 350 Elite Levels in total. To increase your level, play in any regular in-game mode and battle type, where your Elite vehicles will earn Combat XP. Depending on the amount of Combat XP earned, you will receive special Elite Points. After you earn a certain number of Elite Points, your current level will be updated automatically, and you'll receive a notification in the Garage.

The more battles you play and the more Combat XP you earn, the higher your Elite Level will be. As your level increases, the color and design of the level icon will also change.

You can always check the current Elite Level of any vehicle in the Garage, as well as your progress toward the next level. You can also see your top vehicles with the highest Elite Level values in the Service Record tab.

Your Elite progress is based on all Combat XP previously earned by your vehicles in Random Battles only, minus XP for researching modules to reach Elite status. After Update 1.22.1 goes live, it will only include pure Combat XP earned in battle in any game mode.

Once reached, all Elite Levels are always with you, so you will never lose them.

If you don't want other players to see your current Elite Level, enable the Anonymizer in the game settings.

Get ready to climb the Elite Levels and let everyone see how experienced you are, Commanders!