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Domination: Supply Swarm now available

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Tank Commanders,

We are pleased to announce that the Supply Swarm event mode is now available in the servers!

If you have experienced it in the Common Test previously, you should have no trouble jumping in right away. Otherwise, we encourage you to read on to find out all about this new mode.

Domination: Supply Swarm

In Supply Swarm format, battles will take place in 4 different maps. Two maps will support 10 vs 10 battles, while the other two will allow 15 vs 15 battles. These maps are:

Himmelsdorf (10 vs 10) Lost City (10 vs 10)
Ice Bound (15 vs 15) Cliff (15 vs 15)


The goal is gain more victory points than the opponent team. The battle ends immediately if one of teams reaches the required number of Victory Points before time runs out. To do that, one of the teams should gain 250 victory points (for 10 vs 10 maps) or 400 points (for 15 vs 15), depending on the map.

Victory points can be earned by occupying resource points, for destroying enemy vehicles and dealing damage.

The specifics of gaining points can be found on the table below:

Battle format

10 vs 10

15 vs 15

Victory Points per destroyed enemy



Victory Points per 1,000 damage



Victory Points per resource point



Victory Points per victory before time runs out



Resource Points

Battles in the new game event format have the primary objective of controlling resource points on the map. On each game location there are three such points. Resource points are neutral, which means that either team can capture any of the points. To capture a resource point. players must position their tank within it. If there are two vehicles of different teams in the point at the same time, any attempts at capture will halt, although any prior progress will not be reset.

When a resource point has been used up, it will be temporarily unavailable for 100 seconds while it reloads, after which it can be captured again.

Respawning in battle

The following vehicles will be available for use:  Bat.-Châtillon25 t (D), IS-7 (D), Leopard 1 (D), T57 Heavy Tank (D), and Object 268 (D). The combat characteristics of these vehicles are identical to those of their existing in-game counterparts.

The vehicles will be added to players’ Garages for free at the start of the game event. To enter a battle, players will have to prepare all the vehicles and click Battle! Players are free to install Equipment and Consumables as well as crew the vehicles with available tankers from the Garage.

After being destroyed a player needs to choose the next tank, with which he’ll get back to the battle. The tank that has been previously destroyed in this battle can’t be used.

Important: The number of respawns is limited for battles in Domination: Supply Swarm - one instance for each available tank only.

Combat Consumables

During the battle, the following Combat Reserves will be available to players:

  • Artillery Strike
  • Airstrike

Combat Reserves will become available after performing effective actions in battle: dealing damage and destroying enemies. To use Combat Reserves, press 7 or 8 and choose the target point. When using Airstrike, you will also use the mouse to adjust the direction of the incoming aircraft, affecting the shape of the bombardment zone.

Roll out!