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Domination Event in 9.8

General News
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Update: Stage 2 of Domination has started.

Update: Based on data collected from the servers as well as player feedback received, several changes have been made to the reward system for the Domination event to allow an increased credit and EXP income per battle.

Tank Commanders,

Ever wished that you could repair your tank in battle or respawn after your vehicle gets destroyed? The new Domination event lets you do just that while you go around the map looking for flags from 02 - 30 June! For this event, 3 special Tier X tanks will be available in your garage from the start: AMX 50B (D), TT110E5 (D), Object 140 (D).

Note: All event tanks will not have the EXP and credit boosts that Premium Tanks have.

For best results in the "Domination" event, please remove user mods from the game client.


The event will be split into two stages...



02 - 16 June

1 Flag Per Map

  • Ghost Town (10x10)
  • Sand River (15x15)
  • IceBound (15x15)
  • Mines (10x10)


16 - 30 June

4 Flags Per Map (2x2)

  • Ghost Town (10x10)
  • Icebound (15x15)
  • Himmelsdorf (10x10)
  • Karelia (15x15)


There will be two stages starting from 02 June, 2015. The game event "Domination" will be removed on 30 June, 2015.

You need to collect points at each stage. Bigger maps give you more points. Map rotation is random. 4 maps will be available per stage with a 25% chance of landing on each map.


How to Score Points...

  • Stage 1
    1. Delivered captured flag during Stage 1 (1 flag 10x10) gives 35 points (100 points to win)
    2. Delivered captured flag during Stage 1 (1 flag 15x15) gives 50 points (150 points to win)
  • Stage 2
    1. Delivered captured flag during Stage 2 (4 flags 10x10) gives 10 points (100 points to win)
    2. Delivered captured flag during Stage 2 (4 flags 15x15)  gives 15 points (150 points to win)


New Crew!

  • Event Tanks come with their own 100% trained crew and slots.
  • Once the event ends, both special tanks and slots will be removed, but you get to keep the crew.
  • They will automatically be trained under the AMX 50 BT110E5, Object 140 after the event.
  • You can also assign the crew to other tanks after the event ends.


Equipment and Consumables

  • Equipment and consumables will go back to your inventory after the event.
  • Gold ammunition can be used during the event.
  • Event shells are available.



  • After the event, free XP will be transfered to the MS-1, T-1, and Renault.



  • Characteristics of event tanks are similar to their normal versions
  • Payment is needed for repairs of each tank that was destroyed or damaged.
  • Event vehicles cannot be sold.
  • When the event ends, special event tanks and slots will be removed.


Repair Costs

  • Payment for full vehicle repairs will take place after battle if the tank was destroyed at least once in battle.