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Czech Tank Tree: Gameplay Overview

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Tank Commanders,

It is often said that knowledge is power. This also applies in World of Tanks; only by understanding the traits of each tank can you fight effectively with or against it.

In this article, we bring you precious information about the new Czechoslovakian tanks, which are due to arrive in Update 9.13.

Kolohousenka (Tier I)

This tank doesn’t really offer completely new gameplay relative to other vehicles of Tier I. Instead, it stands out mainly by its unique appearance. What makes the Kolohousenka shine is its main gun, which has good damage per minute for a Tier I vehicle, and good balance between dispersion and stabilisation. It chief limitation is its low mobility. In comparison to vehicles of the same tier, its armour does not stand out either.  

LT vz. 35 (Tier II)

This tank is the Czech version of Pz.Kpfw. 35 (t), which is presented in World of Tanks as a Tier II German light tank. The LT vz.35 and its German counterpart are virtually identical, except for their main guns. The LT vz. 35 uses the 37 mm Škoda A8, which while similar to the German 37 mm gun, has more better accuracy and armor penetration.

LT vz. 38 (Tier III)

The LT vz. 38 Is also an analogue of a similar vehicle - the Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t). The latter is a Tier III German Light Tank. While their appearance and armour ratings are largely similar, they greatly differ in weapons and mobility. The LT vz.38 has a autoloader gun with a 3-round capacity, the effectiveness of which is limited by its lacklustre mobility and relatively long reload time.

ST vz. 39 (Tier IV)

This tank is the first medium tank in the Czech tank tree. Compared to its peers, its main gun, the47 mm Škoda A11 vylepšený, is outstanding. It has excellent balance between dispersion, aim time, and stabilisation for its tier. Any tank commander who aspires to command this tank must take care to position the tank properly, because of its poor mobility and weak armor. Its excellent angles of gun depression will be effective with the use of such a strategy, rather than a face-to-face confrontation in the open.

Škoda T 24 (Tier V)

The T 24 is a classic medium tank. Its main gun is competitive amongst its Tier V peers, and it retains good mobility. As a result, the T 24 is rather versatile. It can adopt a fire-and-manoeuvre strategy, or adopt stealthier fights based on good positioning.

Škoda T 25 (Tier VI)

The T 25 Is also similar to a vehicle that already exists in World of Tanks: the Tier V German premium tank, the T25. The two vehicles may look the same, but the similarity ends there. Because it is of a higher tier, the vehicle has noticeably better parameters than the T25. Its mobility is high, and it sports a rather unique Tier VI armament: a 75 mm autoloader gun with 3-round capacity, which enables it to deal up to 330 damage before it needs to reload. The tactics for using this vehicle are generally similar to those for other autoloading tanks. Either damage enemies from a good position, or exchange fire with an enemy, making full use of the fact that you can fire 3 rounds before reloading. Naturally, as with all other tanks, this one has a shortcoming. Its armour penetration is not the best of its tier, so finding better angles of attack will serve you well.

Konštrukta T-34/100 (Tier VII)

Once again, this is a tank that is nearly identical to one that is already in the game. It looks like a copy of the Soviet T-34. However, the Czech version is a Tier VII tank, and thus has access to much more powerful arms and armour. It sports a 100 mm main gun with armor penetration of 175 mm and alpha damage of 250 HP. This gives the Konštrukta T-34/100 its competitive edge against its Tier VII peers. It can exchange fire very favourably with vehicles of the same tier. The main threats to this vehicle are vehicles with higher damage per minute.

TVP VTU Koncept (Tier VIII)

This Tier VIII tank is a quirky one, in that it provides two options for main guns: the 8,8 cm vz. 41N and the 10,5 cm vz. 39N. When equipped with an 8,8 cm gun, this tank is a classic unarmored medium tank with moderate mobility (analogous to the Indien-Panzer and M26 Pershing). When equipped with a 10,5 cm gun, it has the potential to deal 320 alpha damage per shot, which is comparable with heavy tanks of this tier, but because of low damage per minute, players will find it better to use ambush tactics rather than conventional exchanges of fire.

Škoda T 50 / TVP T 50/51 (Tier 9/10)

The Czech Tier IX-X medium tanks directly compete with the top-tier French medium tanks. Like their French peers, both of these Czech tanks are armed with autoloading guns with 3-round and 4-round magazines for Tier IX and Tier X respectively.

The guns have excellent aim, significantly outperforming their French competitors (Lorraine 40 t and Bat.-Châtillon 25 t). The principal difference between the Czech tanks and the French ones is their short reload times, which enable them to quickly get back into the fight: 1.8 seconds and 1.5 seconds, for Tier IX and Tier X respectively,  with the potential to deal alpha damage of 320 HP per shot. They are also highly manoeuvrable.


That's all for the Czech tank tree, for now. Make good use of this information, and it will surely serve you well in battle.

Roll out!