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Contributor Program: Streamer Enrollment 2016

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Tank Commanders!

Sometime last year, we successfully pioneered the first Community Contributor Streamer Project and grew a community around it. It's 2016 and we're once again looking to recruit a new batch of eager streamers.

Interested in finally dipping your toes into livestreaming and entertaining people by playing World of Tanks? Read on!

Streamers Wanted!

You see them in and Niconico all the time: players who stream their battles live while strangers and friends watch and comment. Part of the thrill of streaming is showing off your skills to the world and educating the rest on how World of Tanks should be played.

Active streamers are some of the most popular and respected people in any community because of their willingness to share their insights about the game they love. If this interests you greatly, we're more than happy to accept you as a Contributing Streamer!

What do I do as a Contributing Streamer?

The answer is simple: stream any and all Wargaming titles! With several of them to choose from and even more on the way, there's plenty of room to grow as a Contributing Streamer. Broadcast your games to the public no matter which one you play - if you're good, your viewership count will definitely grow. And to help you out with that, we'll sponsor some free gifts for you to hand out to loyal fans, too!

Not only can you stream your normal battles at your own pace, you can also produce edited videos to show off some tips and tactics that you've discovered, or comment on each content patch as they arrive in the servers.You get your voice, and the community gets to listen. The possibilities are endless.

How do I sign up?

Registering as a Contributing Streamer is easy. Simply visit this forum thread and make a post with the following particulars:

Stream ID:
Average No. of Viewers:
Streaming channel link:

If you are selected, we'll notify you via Forum PMs.

Good luck and Roll out!

Submit your application here