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Clan Specialization and New Clan Portal Features

General News
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Tank Commanders,

Our developers have made a new version of the Common Clans portal available to all players and clans.

What’s new?

  • New options will be added to Recruiting Station: automated approval of clan applications and statistics of players who have submitted applications
  • Creation of a new clan will be simpler, and processing of clan emblems will be automated

New Recruiting Station Options

A new option will be available—automated approval of clan applications, according to given parameters. To accept new clan members, you only need to activate the option of automated application approval and set selection criteria—the number of battles and victory rate. After that, members who match those requirements can join a clan without the clan officers’ approval.

While considering submitted applications, you can view the personal statistics of candidates. Filtering by battle types and time periods can be used to view battle activities and statistics of applicants.

The Applications and Invites page will contain information about players who have already submitted applications and those who match a clan’s requirements, so it will be easy to find a clan member. Players can find a suitable clan through the Invites and Applications section.

Note: There is currently an issue preventing clans from inviting players on  World of Tanks portal. Therefore, players should use the Recruit New Members section on the World of Tanks Clan Portal to invite players to their clan until the issues are fixed.

Creation of a New Clan, and Clan Emblem Processing

Creation of a new clan will take less time: if a player has enough in-game currency, it will be sufficient to enter only the clan name and tag. Other data can be filled in later. Also, when you upload a clan emblem, the size of which is 10MB, all further changes needed to correctly display emblem will be made automatically.

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