Chrysler K - Ready For Anything

Tank Commanders,

Meet the Chrysler K, a brand-new tank that will be released just in time for the Grand Finals 2017! This one may seem a little of an oddity, but take it for a spin and you'll find that there's more than meets the eye.

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  • Unique exterior. In the heat of battle one pays little attention to the camouflage of vehicles around. However, the Chrysler will hardly remain unnoticed: stylish black, all-season camouflage and the WG League logo. Having the all-new black Chrysler in your Garage is a proper investment. Moreover, it features outstanding armament!
  • Firepower. The damage per shot and rate of fire parameters of this vehicle are perfectly balanced: having the damage per shot of 320 HP, it's capable of dealing about 1,900 HP of damage per minute, which is not the limit: using equipment, consumables and appropriate perks, the average damage per minute can be increased to 2,250 HP. Consider the following: with due skills and favorable situation in battle, within a minute this vehicle is capable of sending the enemy Т110Е5, Т57 Heavy, or IS-7 back to the Garage. All you need to do is to make the best of the Chrysler’s advantages.
  • Good gun. The vehicle comes equipped with a gun that features high rate of fire and good aiming, stabilization, and accuracy parameters. The aiming time is 1.9 s, which is the best among all Tier VIII Premium vehicles. Accuracy of 0.36 allows firing from both short and long distances.
  • Rear turret placing. The vehicle stands out among its U.S. peers: this is the first U.S. vehicle with the rear turret placing. Such hull configuration suggests original, varied gameplay. This heavy tank will be of particular interest to fans of the U.S. heavy tanks who want to experience new gameplay. The vehicle will arouse interest of those who prefer the VK4502(P) Ausf. B: both vehicles provide somewhat similar gameplay.
  • Armor. The Chrysler has outstanding frontal armor. Thickness of the effective hull armor can reach 265 mm for the upper and 211 mm for the lower glacis plate. The turret has even better armoring: effective armor of some areas can exceed 300 mm! The well-armored Tier VIII Chrysler is also great at earning credits and training crew members. Have you even dreamt of your own Chrysler? It is a perfect opportunity!