World of Tanks Asia Raises Over $90,000 AUD for Australian Bushfire Relief

For the past two weeks, World of Tanks Asia has been running a series of charity initiatives to support the devastating bushfires that have severely impacted our Australian friends these past few months. In addition to the Bushfire Bundles that were available in the Premium Shop, JayRated and Vondle from our ANZ team ran a charity stream and auction on Twitch to further support the cause, donations from the latter of which were matched dollar-for-dollar by Wargaming.

Because of your incredible support, we managed to raise an absolutely astonishing over $90,000 AUD for BlazeAid!!!

Here are some fun facts related to the stream:

  • The biggest donator was IMC_Jimmy, contributing a total of $5,000.
  • The top 3 donators contributed over $10,000 between them.
  • The following tanks went for more than $1,000.
    • FV215b (183)
    • Foch 155
    • IS-3A
    • Type 59
  • The top bidder for the Type 59 and the FV 215b (183) throughout the entire stream was outbid for both tanks in the last minute, but still donated the amount they bid to the cause.
  • The total donation could support BlazeAid with 3 new custom trailers, rebuild dozens of kilometers of fencing, sheds and/or fodder for livestock. All of which are essential to get rural Australian communities back on their feet after a fire season like this.

A special thank you to the following who donated more than $1,000 on-stream:

  • IMC_Jimmy 
  • Tony_500 
  • Ziggy_Echo 
  • Shellsp0nge 

World of Tanks Asia would like to say one last massive thank you to every single person who contributed to the cause. Whether through the bushfire bundles, bidding on the auction, donating, or simply cheering us on in the stream chat. We couldn’t have done this without you.