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Changes to Physics and Sounds in Update 9.15

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Tank Commanders,

Sound effects of tank battles have been changed completely, and vehicle movement physics has become more realistic. The update has brought fresh breath of the wind of change: new opportunities and new impressions. The changes that took place haven’t left cold any virtual tanker – players have been discussing new features and have shared their thoughts about them.

Analyzing the feedback from players helped us to determine a range of points that need to be worked on with physical model of vehicle movement and sound picture of a battle. What exactly will be changed in 9.15 update you’ll able to learn from this article.

Vehicle movement physics

Improved vehicle movement physics fixed the problems with which players could have faced: getting stuck when traversing slopes, reduced speed when driving through small obstacles. New vehicles maneuvers have appeared.

But besides the positive points, the analysis of players’ feedback determined a range of tense points that need early solution. The most critical ones are:

  • Frequent overturns of vehicles when driving at high speed on complex terrain

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  • A large amount of damage got when falling

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  • Vehicles getting stuck after partial hull contact with an obstacle (houses, stones, enemy vehicles, etc.)

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Currently the fixes are developed that will fix the issues mentioned above and that will be included to the 9.15 version.


  • Update 9.14_3:
    • Improved the sound of a shell hitting a tank
    • Added a sound of operation of Binocular Telescope and Camouflage Net
  • Update 9.15:
    • Revised criteria of changing the sound of damage penetration, depending on the number of HP taken: 0-17% - small damage, 17-35% - medium damage, more than 35% - high damage
    • Added ability to select the type of speaker system (2.0 or 2.1) in the settings menu “Sound”
    • Supporting modifications of sound component of WoT.