Normandy Tanks: Char de transition


The VI Char de transition is a Tier VI Premium French heavy and is part of the trio of Battle Pass Season XIV reward tanks. The "transitional" designation reflects its status as the first French tank produced after the country had been liberated in 1944.

How to Play

The strongest argument the Char de transition brings to the battlefield is its 90 mm gun. Both the standard AP and the special APCR rounds have very good armor penetration (212 and 259 mm respectively), with the latter able to pierce Tier VIII enemies from the front. At the same time, the protection of the Char de transition is not stellar, though the tank is able to hold its own against same-tier opponents. Don't bother trying to angle the hull or sidescrape. Instead, use the vehicle's adequate mobility to reach hull-down positions where it will feel at home with its maximum gun depression of 10°.

The exterior of the in-game Char de transition is inspired by armored vehicles of the 2nd Free French armored division that landed in France in July 1944. The detachment, under the command of General Leclerc, took part in liberating Paris on August 25, 1944, marking the end of the Battle of Normandy.

Grab the Normandy-themed "Freedom Is Not Free" mission active until September 1!


Mission Brief



  • 1 Training Booklet (France)
  • 2 Strong Coffees
  • 2 Large Repair Kits
  • 2 Large First Aid Kits
  • 2 Automatic Fire Extinguishers



  • Be among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned six times