Come Get Your Rewards in Battle Pass Season IX!

Have you already grabbed the sweet rewards in the latest season of Battle Pass, Commanders?

If not, don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn tons of great prizes in one of the most epic activities in World of Tanks. Expect plenty of other rewards, including bonds, equipment, amazing 2D and 3D styles, and more—plus Battle Pass Tokens to be exchanged for rare Tier IX vehicles and other valuables.

Let's take a closer look at what you can expect from Season IX!

Battle Pass Season IX ends in:
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Hills of Tuscany
Price of Freedom
Best Role
Base Rewards
Improved Rewards

Unlock the Points Shop for Additional Rewards

Once you complete all three main chapters of Season IX, you'll have access to the Reward section of the in-game Store. There, you can spend your Battle Pass Points earned throughout the Season on the following rewards:

  • Bonds
  • 3D styles for all Battle Pass Core Vehicles from the first six Seasons 
  • Unique crew members from Season IV onwards



200  2,000  Unlimited
300  3,000  Unlimited
Crew member 3,000  Once per account
3D style 5,000  Once per account
Battle Pass Season 1 | 3d styles

Battle Pass Season 2 | 3d styles

Battle Pass Season 3 | 3d styles

  • “Newt” for the IS-4
  • “Condor” for the T110E5

Battle Pass Season IV | 3d styles

  • "Polar Bear" for the Object 705A
  • "Icebreaker" for the 121
  • "Welsh Blues" for the T110E3

Battle Pass Season V | 3d styles

  • "Lancelot" for the FV217 Badger
  • "Błyskawica" for the CS-63
  • "Charles Martel" for the AMX 50 B

Battle Pass Season VI | 3d styles

Battle Pass Season IV | Crew members

Vasiliy Badaev George Barton Shan Ling
Battle Pass Season V | Crew members
Jean-Marc Lemartin Katarzyna Chodkiewicz Douglas McReed
Battle Pass Season VI | Crew members
Christophe Lemartin Louise Hamilton Andrey Pokrovskiy


Each crew member comes with Brothers in Arms perk trained to 100%, as well as enough experience to train two more skills or perks.

You'll be able to spend all the 7,500 Battle Pass Points you can accumulate during the completion of the three main Chapters, as well as all the Points you earn after, until the end of the Season. 

At the end of the Season, unspent Points will be removed without compensation.

There's still time left to finish your Battle Pass Season IX activities, so don't worry if you're still working towards the loot. Just remember the season ends on November 29 at 02:00 UTC+8, so you should make the most of the Battle Pass before then.

Roll Out!