Battle Pass Season VII is Ending Soon!

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Battle Pass Season VII is coming to a close on May 30 at 08:30 UTC+8, so here's a reminder of what you should do before then to make the most of the Battle Pass.

What to do Before the Season Ends

Besides completing the three main chapters to earn all the season rewards, there are two things to look out for.

1. Invest unallocated Battle Pass Points in uncompleted Chapters

This Season, you can complete Chapters in any order and pause the completion of a Chapter to start completing a different one. If you play without selecting a Chapter or while a Chapter is paused, you will still earn Battle Pass Points , which you can then invest in the selected Chapter. This does not apply to the temporary Queen of the Night Chapter, however.

Since unspent Battle Pass Points will be deducted at the end of the season, now is the time to allocate them for great Base and Improved Track rewards. Each Chapter has its own cool progressive style, and the new Bounty Turbocharger can be obtained with the Improved Pass.

Only Dust
Shattered Windows
Dawn Over Ruins
Base Rewards
Improved Rewards

You can allocate Battle Pass Points by visiting the Battle Pass interface and clicking on the "Activate Chapter" button. Once activated, all of your unallocated Battle Pass Points will be invested into that Chapter's progress, and you will receive rewards for the Stages you have completed.

2. Unlock the Points Shop for Additional Rewards

A reminder that once you complete all three of the main Chapters, you'll have access to a new Reward section of the in-game Store where you can spend all your Battle Pass Points earned throughout the Season on the following rewards:

  • Bonds
  • 3D styles for all Battle Pass Core Vehicles from the previous six Seasons
  • Unique crew members from Season IV onwards

You'll be able to spend all the 7,500 Battle Pass Points you can accumulate during the completion of the three main Chapters, as well as all the Points you earn after, until the end of the Season. Points for completing the temporary Queen of the Night Chapter will also go into your piggy bank, but your progress in it won't affect the unlocking of the Reward section.

Unspent Battle Pass Points will be deducted at the end of the season, so it is important to spend them before then to receive your rewards.

Items for Tokens

Unlike Battle Pass Points, the Battle Pass Tokens that you have earned from completing certain Progression Stages will not be removed. They will accumulate throughout the year, and you can spend them in upcoming Seasons of Battle Pass. Battle Pass Season VII offers 21 Tokens.

They can be exchanged for valuable items and rare vehicles in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store, which will remain available until December 20, 2022.

There's still time left to finish your Battle Pass Season VII activities, so don't worry if you're still working towards the loot. Just remember the season ends on May 30 at 08:30 UTC+8, so you should make the most of the Battle Pass before then.

Roll Out!