Battle Pass Season VII: Additional Chapter Q&A


The latest Battle Pass Chapter has launched! How do we fully utilize Battle Pass Points? What's the best way to earn them? And how do I play the reward vehicle in battle?

Find out below:

1. The Temporary Chapter has started. What will I need to do? How do I get the reward vehicle?

Most importantly, activate the Temporary Chapter at the start so you can begin.

You have about 10 days to complete 40 Stages, each bringing 50 Battle Pass Points.

To activate the chapter, you need to go to the Chapter selection screen, select the fourth, additional Chapter, and click "Activate Chapter".

Earning Battle Pass Points require filling in progression of the Temporary Chapter. Like with other Battle Pass Chapters, there are two Reward Tracks:


You get the ShPTK-TVP 100 once progression in the Base Reward Track is completed.


In addition to in-game rewards, completing this gets you the Queen of the Night 3D style.
Long story short, activate the chapter and start your journey for the new Tier VIII Premium ShPTK-TVP 100 tank destroyer!

2. Can I use the Battle Pass points I've earned prior to this Chapter to this Chapter's progress?

No. The additional Chapter can only be filled with points earned after its activation.

So, if you have undistributed Battle Pass Points, you can invest them into the progression of the three main chapters.

To get Battle Pass Points, earn them by standard rules based on the results of battles on Battle Pass Core Vehicles, completing Daily Missions and the Bonus Mission.

3. Are daily missions important? What else should I pay attention to in order not to miss anything?

Yes, they are an important source of Battle Pass Points. Remember to complete them on a regular basis.

Completing 3 daily missions bring 45 Points in total, i.e., up to 450 points during the entire period of Temporary Chapter. The missions are not difficult and can be completed in Random Battles (including Grand Battles). Just remember to complete them while the Additional Chapter is active. If one of three missions don’t suit your play style, you can change its conditions once every 4 hours.

Completing all three daily missions unlock a bonus mission. Completing it will bring 25 additional Battle Pass Points. You can earn up to 700 Battle Pass Points in total (out of 2000 required to complete the Temporary Chapter progression) just by completing daily missions.

4. I have Core Vehicles – can I earn more points for the Temporary Chapter? What about the limits on earning points for Battle Pass?

Yes, if you have Core Vehicles of this season, you can significantly earn more points. All Point Limits also apply to the Additional Chapter. So, if you have already reached the limit, there will be no Battle Pass points counted towards the progression of the Additional Chapter when playing in Core Vehicles.

However, if you add to the vehicle Point Limit after the activation of the Additional Chapter, bonus points will count towards the progression according to the rules.

5. Tell me more about the Improved Pass, purchasing progression Chapters, and how to get the reward vehicle and 3D style immediately.

The Improved Battle Pass of the Additional Chapter costs 2,000. After you purchase it, you will get additional rewards for both completed progression and the following completed Stages. You will also be able to purchase Stages by standard rules — 250 for one Stage. Players can select the number of Stages to purchase, that's why the final cost of the full completion of the Additional Chapter is defined by individual progress.

6. Please tell us about the reward vehicle, the ShPTK-TVP 100. How do I play this vehicle with paper armor?

The ShPTK-TVP 100 is a lightly-armored tank destroyer with excellent damage per minute and armor penetration with a standard shell. This is a very quick-firing vehicle with good mobility parameters and a fully rotating turret.

You should play extremely carefully in it because its weak armor and limited HP require attention and caution.

You can play either using concealment, the bushes, rolling back from the impact zone after firing, or you can support your allies from behind their backs if you feel confident.

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