Battle Journey: Your Best Moments of 2021


2021 has been a bright and exciting year for World of Tanks. We celebrated our 11th anniversary in a big way, introduced new Italian and Czechoslovakian heavy tanks, brought you Field Modification, and launched many epic events. And all of this we did together with you! It was an incredible year—many thanks to all of you for your continued support, passion, and dedication!

Start Your Own Battle Journey!

Now that 2021 has come and gone, now is the perfect time to look back at everything you have achieved in Random Battles, as well as in various events and game modes over the last year.

Visit the dedicated website below to discover your best moments and accomplishments in battle. At the end of your Battle Journey, you will receive 5x X5 XP missions for any vehicle when victorious, and 3 Personal Reserves (+50% Credits earned for 1 hour).

Battle Journey is only available until January 31, 2022, and it is only for those commanders who have played more than 10 battles between January 1 and December 31, 2021. If you didn't play in any of the specific events or game modes listed below during this period, or if there is not enough data for a specific category, you won’t see the respective slides.

Along with the basic statistics of your account, you will also see your achievements in the following game modes and events:

  • Random Battles (including Grand Battles)
  • Recon Mission
  • The first Ranked Battles 2021–2022 Season
  • Steel Hunter
  • Frontline
  • Team Clash
  • Return of the Waffenträger
  • Mirny: Hope

Your Battle Journey is an important chapter of your 2021 story, so share it with your friends and followers on social media and celebrate your epic accomplishments!