AusArmourfest 2019 Online

Not attending AusArmourfest this weekend? Fear not! To celebrate our on-ground event in Cairns, we’re making sure that Commanders across ANZ will feel as close to the action as possible with a plethora of content, codes and more.

Streams, interviews, and more!

Both CCs and WeeGees will be up in sunny Cairns this weekend bringing you the hottest content on offer across our Twitch and Facebook pages. Jay, Koz and Vondle will be out and about on both days, streaming museum tours, interviews with AusArmour staff, tank rides and more on the World of Tanks Asia Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Community Contributors Flying Elite, Napalmer, Ravvi, ShellSponge and StewieJP will be live over the weekend from 9am – 2pm UTC+8, streaming tanks with the added challenge that they can only use vehicles found in the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum! They will each have a few codes on hand to give away as well, so make sure you don’t miss your favourite contributor by keeping an eye on the schedule below:





Flying Elite

Flying Elite














Or just watch the whole thing from start to finish right here:


You better believe you read that right! Our CCs will be giving away the same Bonus Code that we have on-ground during their streams. Each bonus code contains:

  • Mission: 20,000 XP awarded for 20,000 (cumulative) damage dealt. Repeatable 5 times.
  • Mission: 300% crew XP awarded for winning a battle. Repeatable 10 times.

Note: Code active from September 1st

But that’s not the only code we have to celebrate AusArmourfest this year, we’ve also prepared one of our biggest and best invite codes yet for budding commanders.

Redeeming WOTAUSARMOURFEST will earn a new player:

  • 1x AC-1 Sentinel, Garage Slot and 100% Crew
  • 7 Days Premium
  • 5x Large Consumables (Med, Repair, Fire)
  • 5x Kangaroo Emblem
  • 5x Kiwi Emblem
  • 1x AC-4 Experimental (rental tank) usable for 10 battles.
  • 1x Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC (rental tank) usable for 10 battles.

…and MORE!?!

On top of all that, we will also be running a sale of all Australian tanks across the weekend and into the following week. With missions available to all players redeemable in tanks featured at or relevant to the AusArmourfest celebrations, you can find out more about all that here.

So, whether you’re celebrating the Southern Hemisphere’s largest tank festival alongside us at the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum, or just wishing you were there; everyone can enjoy AusArmourfest 2019 with World of Tanks!

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