Announcing AusArmourFest!

Wargaming and World of Tanks has enjoyed a long and prosperous relationship with The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum over the years. From our donation of the classic AC-1 Sentinel in 2016, to the museum’s participation in our live streams, it’s a partnership that just makes sense! Continuing this tradition, we are proud to announce we will be heading back to the museum and celebrating all things tanks at this year’s AusArmourFest!

AusArmourFest celebrates its 4th year as the biggest tank festival in the southern hemisphere. Running from Saturday August 31st to Sunday September 1st, the weekend will feature all the fantastic additions of a classic AusArmourFest (tank rides, World War II recreations and more), and we’ll be spicing the weekend up for World of Tanks fans with a player event, on ground competitions, live streams and more!

Stay tuned for more precise details on what we’ll be doing at AusArmourFest, but to whet your appetite we spoke to Jason - who is the Assistant Manager and tank driver at the museum - about what people can expect!

What is your history with armoured vehicles before AusArmour? 

From 1990 – 2001 I was a Leopard tank crewman with the 1st Armoured Regiment as a gunner, loader and commander, so I’ve always had a passion for all things armoured.

Can you give a brief history of the museum? 

The owner started collecting from 2011 with his first vehicle being the Mk 5 Centurion. This AusArmourFest will mark our 5th year of operation.

How has the museum grown over the years? 

From its original design on opening on Sept 14 there have been a further 3 extensions to the museum taking us to approx. 8500 sqm, with well over 150 exhibits on display.

What's your favourite tank in the museum and why? 

My favourite tank in the Museum (2 actually) is the Australian Cruiser Tank, due to its achievements in design – particularly regarding Armour and Gunnery that were then subsequently copied by other allied nations during and after WWII.

What has been the most difficult tank to restore or bring to the museum? 

I think there are possibly 2 contenders for this title, the Panzer IV D and Panther, both have taken years in the making as they are full nut-and-bolt restorations.

How long has AusArmourFest been running? What can visitors expect? 

This will be our 4th year of operating AAF. Visitors this year will see an extended line-up of more tanks for display, and rides with approximately 19 vehicles taking part.

Do people need to buy tickets? How can they do that? 

Entry to the museum is a standard entry ticket at the door. Prices including rides and the Commanders Deck packages will be on our website prior to AAF.