Featured Community Contributor - Ravvi

So tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What clan are you in? And how long have you been a community contributor?

My name is Matt, but in the community, I am better known as Ravvi! I live in Toowoomba, Queensland; recently moved up here from Wodonga, Victoria, where lived my whole life.

I am currently the Commander of WOT-U, and have been a part of the clan for over a year now. Originally I was just a mentor for the clan when I first joined WOT-U, but after taking a break from Clan Wars, I have dedicated my time to helping new/current players improve their gameplay and enjoy the game.

I was accepted into the Community Contributor Program in November 2018.

What are your top three favourite tanks and why?

My number 1 favourite tank and my most-played tank currently on my account is the SU-100. This Tier VI TD has a 122mm that is very deadly at Tier VI and below. It even scares a lot of Tier VII and VIII tanks when you get hit for 390 damage. The SU-100 is quite mobile as well so I like using its mobility to move into different positions quickly.

My 2nd favourite tank is the T-10. I see this tank as a Heavy-Medium. The gun stats and mobility this tank has allows it to push into an aggressive position and punish any tank that contests you. Even though the T-10 doesn’t have the ‘heaviest’ armour, you can still use your armour effectively to bounce shots from the enemy.

Lastly, my 3rd favourite tank is the RU 251. I picked this tank up before the new Light tank changes when the RU was moved from Tier VIII to Tier IX. It kept most of its all-round stats, like good camo rating, great gun stats and great mobility. The RU 251 is my go-to Light Tank to have a bit of fun firing its HEP (German variant of HE rounds) at most weak armoured tanks and penetrating them with the high penetration these HEP rounds have.

How often do you usually stream/post videos, and what does your content usually focus on?

At the moment I am unable to stream on Twitch due to the limited internet speeds I get. Once my area gets NBN fully installed I will be returning to Twitch streaming.

In the meantime, I have started a YouTube channel to post recordings of WOT-U’s training sessions, any Ace Tanker gameplay I find worthy of showcasing, and will be starting replay analysis. Any replay my clan members send me, I will be analysing the game and giving tips on what they have done correctly, or what they could do differently.

Currently there is no schedule for my YouTube videos, but I try to upload them ASAP after they have been edited.

What's the single best tip you could give someone trying to improve at World of Tanks?

If you are passionate about the game and interested in improving your gameplay, play a specific tier for a week and focus on doing consistent damage each game.

Work on making an impact to help secure your team a win. Most games are generally won when most of your team-mates make an impact in the game, whether it be pushing through a flank or holding it. You could even be clearing a flank, then relocating to the other side of the map and assisting your team in pushing or holding the other flank. There are many ways you can have an impact in the game.

Once you feel comfortable in that tier, move up to the next tier and repeat the process.

Also, it's always handy to do a bit of research on the game mechanics and understanding how they work. The World of Tanks client does explain briefly how they work, but there are a number of sites that help provide more information on them.

And what's the best tip you could give someone trying to improve their content creation?

I am very new to content creation, but as for live streaming – enjoy yourself! Don’t show off and try to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Interact with your viewers as much as you can. When I used to stream, I would explain what my thoughts are currently in that battle – inform the viewers of what my possible play is, and how I can execute it.

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