Assembly Shop: FAQ

  Commanders, assemble! All the 5,000 numbered styles and accompanying vehicles have been assembled! Get one of the remaining Object 780s before its too late!


The new Object 780 is flying off the assembly line, but some players may want to know more taking the plunge!

Read on to learn more about the Assembly Shop, how progression is completed, details about the unique Varanus 3D Style, how to best maximize the value of your resources!

What Exactly is the Assembly Shop?

The Assembly Shop is a brand-new way to get a Tier X vehicle in the Garage. This time, the Soviet Object 780 heavy tank is on the assembly line.

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the Commander's bonus to major qualification level, crew perks, and skills, as well as special in-game items.
Main Characteristics
Object 780
Average Damage
Average Penetration
Hit Points
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
Commander (Radio Operator, Loader)
Gunner (Loader)
Average Damage
Average Penetration
Gun Reload Time
Dispersion at 100 m
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Aiming Time
Shell Types
Shell Velocity
Concealment of Moving Vehicle
Hit Points
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle
Hull Armor
Signal Range
Turret Armor
View Range
Turret Traverse Speed
Engine Power
Specific Power
Traverse Speed
Top Speed / Reverse Speed

The Assembly Shop is already open for business and will close on July 10 at 23:59 UTC+8, or until every Object 780 has been assembled, so get yours soon!

To assemble your own Object 780, complete the assembly progression by investing five types of resources: Free XP, bonds, gold, blueprint fragments (national and universal), and credits.

Once you complete the progression, you will receive the vehicle. If you were among the first 5,000 players in the region to do so, you would have received a unique 3D style to go along with your new Soviet Tier X!

How is the progression completed? Is it necessary to add all resources at once?

Progress is filled in a special event window where you can also track how close you are to completion.

You can access this event window from your garage by selecting this special tab:

Once you've added resources towards your progression, they will be deducted from your account. Reclaim spent resources in full any time by clicking the Return Resources button.

The progression is filled in any way you like. Choose which resources to invest, in what amount, and how many times to do so. You can add the whole amount at once or in parts — you decide what resource ratio is most comfortable for you.

The only limited resource is blueprints. They can only account for up to 36% of total progression:

  • 14% with universal blueprint fragments
  • 22% with national blueprint fragments (2% per nation)

If every vehicle has been claimed before progression can be completed, any spent resources will be refunded in full at the conclusion of the event.

What can you tell us about the unique style mechanics?

The Varanus 3D Style is only given to the first 5,000 players to claim the Object 780 in the region. The next 10,000 players to assemble the Object 780 will still receive the Tier X Soviet heavy tank, but without the style.

Each style is unique for its region, displaying a bespoke number that is displayed on the turret and on a counter at the rear of the tank. 

In addition, the 3D style features built-in seasonal camouflages — the vehicle's exterior adapts to the season of the map on which it is played.

How is Each Resource Weighted and What is the Most Efficient Way to Use Them?

Each resource contributes towards overall progression, but not equally. Below lists the amount of each resource needed to fulfil 1% of overall progression.

Please also take note that universal blueprint fragments cannot contribute to more than 14% of overall progression and blueprint fragments from each nation cannot contribute to more than 2% of overall progression (22% total).

Resource Amount Equivalent to 1% Progression Limit
Gold 550 100%
Credits 1,000,000  100%
Free XP 8,000  100%
Bonds 400  100%
National Blueprints 25  22% (2% per nation)
Universal Blueprints 16  14%

Although the value of each resource is fixed, each player can decide for themselves which resource to contribute towards progression.

  • Some resources, like gold, can even be more efficiently used in some cases. For example, assembling the Object 780 using only gold or Free XP would cost 55,000 / 800,000.
  • However, if you have an abundance of Combat XP, gold might be more efficiently used to convert it into Free XP:
    • 800,000 / 25 = 32,000 
  • Don't forget about your other resources like bonds. Let's say you have about 10,000, about the cost of two pieces of Improved Equipment. That's already 25% of total progression towards a Tier X tank! Now, you'll only need 600,000 to get you the rest of the way.
  • Blueprint fragments are similar. Universal and national blueprint fragments are commonly earned through Battle Pass rewards. If they're just sitting in your account, try maxing out your contribution from blueprint fragments. Together they can contribute a total of 36% of total progression. Along with 25% from 10,000, that's only 312,000, or 12,480 if converting from Combat XP.
  • When all else fails, you can always use credits to take you the rest of the way. Be warned, though, it's by far the least efficient resource to add progression.

Use the calculator below to mix and match to your heart's content.

Interactive image. Figure out how many resources you need in order to fill the assembly bar and obtain the Object 780. Then, determine the best combination of resources given the amount you currently have.
Free Experience
8,000 = 1%
550 = 1%
1,000,000 = 1%
Universal fragments
16 = 1%
National fragments
25 = 1%
400 = 1%
Blueprint fragments can be used to fill up to 36% of the total vehicle assembly scale:
22% with national fragments and 14% with universal fragments.
Resources spent
Object 780
Return Resources

Don't underestimate the value of combining resources. By mixing and matching your resource contributions, you may be closer to the Object 780 than you think!

Can You Return Only One Type of Resource?

Sadly, no. The Return Resources button will return every resource back to you in full. However, you'll be able to re-distribute your resources again (or stop the assemby process) at no loss!

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please head over to our official Discord channel where our Community team will be happy to assist.

Roll Out!