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April Fools: Hope you enjoyed the fun!

Tank Commanders!

April Fools Day has come and gone. Hope you got your fill of pranks and jokes!

We've put out quite a few silly news articles that we hope you enjoyed. Did you see all of them? Here's a list:

  • April 1st Offensive: An in-game mode that allows the use of 'secret weapons', we sure hope you used the opportunity to sow chaos in every map you battled in yesterday!
  • Flash Game - Operation Undead: This little flash game should still be available to play, so if you haven't had the chance to try it yet, you can do so now. Word of caution: don't underestimate its creepily addictive gameplay.
  • Developer Diaries: Modern Tanks & Historical article: We admit, this is a little more convincing than most pranks, but Tier X tanks are still king of the tech trees in World of Tanks. Take a look at the screenshots below to see what went on behind the scenes (hint: study the names closely)...

Here's to more and better pranks in next year's April Fools!