April Featured Contributor - FeelTheThunder

For April's contributor feature, we caught up with FeelTheThunder from Vietnam! Our cool-headed ally tells us more about himself. And also shares valuable advice on streaming and World of Tanks.

Here's what he has to say!

So tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What clan are you in? How long have
you been a community contributor?

Hi, my name is Nguyễn Vũ Linh (English-friendly form: Vu Linh Nguyen, Vu Linh is my first
name, Nguyen is my last name - you know, this Nguyen that Nguyen). I will be 26 on April
6th. I am from Vietnam. Currently, I am in WOT-U clan along with fellow Community
Contributor Ravvi. I have been a Community Contributor since March 2018.

What are your top three favourite tanks and why?

My first favourite tank is the IS-7. It is the reason why I started playing World of Tanks back
then in 2015. It might not be the best Tier X tank, but it is a beautiful one. I wish that I would
have a chance to visit it in Kubinka museum, soon™.

The Leopard 1 is the next one in my list. It is a fast tank with an excellent gun, and one of the first
Tier X tanks I got to play back then in 2015 during an event (with the IS-7, BatChat 25t,
Object 268, T57 Heavy Tank and Leopard 1) and immediately fell in love with it. Even
though it has seen better days, I still like it and I am trying to get it after I finishing grinding the
Italian medium tank line.

And finally, the Object 277. Not the most powerful one, but clearly one of the most versatile tank
in the game right now. I still haven't been able to tame it, to suit its playstyle, but I clearly do
have great affection for it.

How often do you usually stream/post videos, and what does your content usually
focus on?

I often stream once or twice a week, primarily on Friday and Saturday evenings from 19:00
UTC +7. Previously, long before I joined the CC program, I focused mainly on WG videos by
adding Vietnamese subtitles to them to help my Vietnamese fellow players understand more
about gameplay, mechanics or so. But now, I often do more livestreams about showcasing
new tanks or just for fun, and make some more funny videos too.

What's the single best tip you could give someone trying to improve at World of

I am not one of the good players, so if you asked me to give a single best tip to someone, I don't
feel like I could do it well. But... One thing I can be sure to say is: keep your head cool, don't
lose yourself to the pace of the battle; instead, try to analyse the situation before committing
yourself, like: is it worth to take the damage in order to deal damage or finish a wounded
enemy tank? To be honest, I was my own victim many times when my head boiled,
often resulting in hilarious situations.

And what's the best tip you could give someone trying to improve their content

If you want to improve your content, do it with all your heart and passion. Nothing good can
come out if you force yourself. If you feel like you can't bring yourself to make something,
take a break, and try to review your script to see if there is anything you don't feel satisfied

You can find FeelTheThunder's Twitch or Youtube updates here!