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Armoured Persona Contest Winner Interview: Thorkell


We catch up with Thorkell, another winner of the Armoured Persona Contest for a quick interview. Thorkell started drawing as a kid, so all his years of practice have paid off and honed him into the fine artist he is today.

Check out his amazing submission and draft sketches to see how he brought the AMX 13 90 to life!

1. How did you first get into drawing? Can you tell us more about your drawing style and preferences?

Um, just like every other kid out there.. because drawing is fun :>

Well, I think I don't have a consistent drawing style yet since I'm still in the process of finding my own style, but I prefer anime/manga style illustrations, because their simple looks don't stop them from looking awesome :D


2. How did you first conceptualize your artwork? And where do you draw your inspiration from?

I don't know.. I just.. scribbled and scribbled until it looked like something good XD

My inspiration mainly comes from a bunch of other military and sci-fi themed stuff out there.. and, of course, tanks.. :>


3. Do you have a process that you follow when creating your design?

Not really, I guess... :/


4. Which was the easiest and hardest part when creating the character?

I love the scribbling and coloring part, hate the tidying the lineart part :<


5. Does the character you designed for the contest have a name? If no, what would you name it?

I'm bad at giving out names, I'll just give her the 'student no 13-90' tag instead :P




6. What is your favourite feature of your character?

The armor :>


7. What are the some of the other things you have worked on related to World of Tanks?

Maybe, some... fanart?


8. In terms of tank design, which tank in the game is your favourite and why?

well, I can't really pick one. I love those Russian tanks with their sleek look, Germans with their strong-albeit-boxy look, French with their exotic designs, Brits with their.... waaah all of them are unique! >_<


9. Do you have any advice for fellow tank commanders who want to get better at drawing?

Practice, practice, and practice.. and practice again! Don't ever get tired of it. Besides, it's fun.. >:D