Your ANZPL Winners & WG vs CC Exhibition Rescheduled!

The #ANZPL Finals are done and dusted with the North Sydney Sentinels finishing in spectacular fashion, taking home the championship! Here’s a breakdown of how things panned out in the Grand Final match. Keep reading to express your interest in Season 2, and for the CC vs WG Exhibition Match next week!

Match 1: Sentinels v Archers 0:4

Game one started with the Sentinels on the defence on Himmelsdorf, a map that they seem to excel on with this game being no different. The Archers started with a push down the B Line, getting spotted out quickly with 13Bladez taking a hit along the way. Archers then started to put some pressure on the cap but the Sentinels setup was on point, having the Archers essentially encircled. Rowendy and Syndy were able to get the reset and knock out 13Bladez, triggering the Archers to respond with Del and Celestia in 50-Bs taking out Rowendy and driving Syndy off the cap. Del was next to go down and then Blaze who had found himself in a three on one leaving the game on a one vs four in the Sentinels favour.

Moving onto game two, the Sentinels started their attack on Himmelsdorf with a push up hill on the 0 Line with the Archers meeting them there and landing a few shots on Rainbow as he peeked over the other side. At this point, the Archers pulled back off hill and moved down banana, looping all the way around and back up the 2 Line while the Sentinels continued to slowly lumber up the 0 Line. The Sentinels were running low on time now and moved for a push onto the two flag with Critacus and Sydny leading the charge in E-100s and a wounded Rainbow pushing up the rear in the 50-B. Once again, the Sentinels were able to put themselves in better positions and find the overmatches, putting the HP advantage in their favour and walking away with the win.

Next up was Ruinburg which saw the return of TheReturned to the ANZPL. It wasn’t enough for the Archers to change their fates though. Sentinels were able to set up an effective crossfire and come out on top of a few early engagements, getting some good module hits on the Archers, ammo-racking Blaze and setting fire to Del. Before long it was down to a three on five in the Sentinels favour with the rest of the Archers being cleaned up and the Sentinels finishing the game with all their tanks still alive.

In the final game of the evening, Rainbow absolutely flew into mid straight out of the gate. This immediately put pressure on the Archers, hampering their ability to maneuver and rotate. Syndy in the Bat-Chat was then able to overwhelm Blaze and take one tank out of the picture, allowing the rest of the Sentinels to go on the attack and hunt down the Archers as they scrambled to recover and set up a crossfire. However, the Sentinels focus fire was too overwhelming for the Archers and the game was over in a flash, leaving the Sentinels the victors 4:0.

The Final Standings

With that, the #ANZPL Finals are done and the North Sydney Sentinels are our Season One Champions! A huge congratulations to Rowendy, Critacus, Syndy, Zanin, Helping_Panzer and Rainbow Assassin and a big thanks to all the players involved in Season One. Congratulations to the Auckland Archers for taking out second place, the Brisbane Bulldogs for taking out third, and South Sydney Skorpions finishing it off in fourth!

Season 2 Expression of Interest

Did you enjoy the first season of the ANZPL? If you liked what you saw and want to jump in for the second season for your chance at a fantastic cash prize and glory, click the giant button below to register your interest in the second season of the ANZPL!

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The WeeGee vs CeeCee Exhibition Match

Unfortunately we weren’t able to broadcast the WeeGee vs CeeCee Exhibition Match as planned, but we have now locked in the rescheduled match for Thursday the 17th of December at 7PM AEDT (4PM UTC+8). You’ll also be able to earn exclusive Twitch Drops not available on any other channel (for more details please click here).

Join us as Vondle, JayRated, Mattacus_, CynicalSilicon and Nev3r take on your best and brightest ANZ CC’s in a Best of Nine to remember. We’re also giving you the opportunity to pick three of the lineups on the night! Vote below and share it with your friends for some hilarious rounds!

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We’d like to thank you again for your support over the first season, and can’t wait to unveil the even bigger and better season two next year. On behalf of Wargaming, from the team in ANZ we wish you a fantastic Holidays and New Years, and we’ll see you in 2021.