Your Weekly Wednesday ANZPL Wrap Up! (Round Seven)

Round seven of the #ANZPL is over, so without further adieu, here’s your weekly wrap up of what went down!

Because of Daylight Savings Time, the games will now start at 7:00PM AEDT/UTC+11!

Click here to watch Round Seven broadcast!

Match 1: Conquerors Vs Action X

The Conquerors made a strong start with two comfortable wins over the Action X on Prokhorovka. In game one the Conquerors were able to take the entirety of the left hand side of the map, forcing Action X to push over the railway tracks and making them pay for it. In game two the Conquerors saw some early HP bleed to Action X but managed to dig their way out with a decisive play, isolating Party and taking it back with Slayer dealing a whopping 4K of damage in his Super Conqueror. However, Action X turned it all around with an exciting game that came all the way down to the wire seeing Caen and cjhunt chasing down lone survivor Kyle for the win in game three and then securing an impressive four tank win in game four for the draw.

Match 2: Archers Vs Bulldogs

The two top teams battled it out for supremacy in match two on Cliff with a close first game that saw both teams fielding all mediums. Ravvi was able to pull off a superb rotation in his Bat-Chat knocking out twoplustwo and taking away map control from the Archers leaving Del stranded alone on the hill at the end and securing a win for the Bulldogs. Game two turned out in a similar fashion with Del once again ending up alone on hill with the Bulldogs taking map control. The last two games ended in all out brawls with both teams slugging it out at donut in the middle of the map, but in the end the Bulldogs had the decisive win, going home with a 4:0 win over the Archers.

Match 3: Matildas Vs Skorpions

Game one looked good for Skorpions on Cliff but in the end they couldn’t move fast enough to drain the Matilda's heavy tanks HP before the clock hit zero. The Skorpions were able to come through in game two on the defensive though, securing a comfortable win with all five tanks still alive after playing it slow and trading well against the Matildas with JT dealing over 3.6K damage in the Kranvagn. The Skorpions continued to make good trades in games three and four picking up another two wins on Murovanka keeping the advantage over the Matildas and putting another three points on the board for themselves.

Match 4: Comets Vs Sentinels

The final matchup of the night saw the Comets make a strong start on Steppes holding back and waiting for the Sentinels to make a move over the tracks with CJayKing and acachispirit then dealing out some huge damage in the Super Conqueror and IS-7 respectively. The Comets again played smart and slow in game two but the Sentinels played it cool as well, peeking out to make shots when needed, dealing out solid damage across the board. Games three and four on Himmelsdorf saw the Sentinels bring out Rainbow and Criticus in the AMX 50 B’s dealing massive damage between them and despite both teams playing well the Sentinels managed to get the better of the Comets at the end of the day for a 1:3 win.

Week Seven Leaderboard

The Bulldogs break away this week and secure themselves a spot as top dogs on the leaderboard with the Sentinels shooting up to second with Archers followed by the Skorpions in fourth and then Panthers and Conquerors in fifth and sixth respectively. The Comets, Action X and Matildas round out the bottom of the ladder.

Week Eight Lineup

Here are the matches for this Friday, starting at 7:00PM UTC+11 over at our World of Tanks ANZ Twitch Channel! Hosted by Jordan 'Elfishguy' Mays and Kevin "KaRath" Zhu.

Looking forward to seeing you for week eight of the #ANZPL and as always, get your “HYPERX” in chat to win yourself a custom mechanical keyboard with limited, not to be sold, World of Tanks Keycaps (ANZ ONLY). So get your food and drinks, chuck on the #ANZPL and close your week out in World of Tanks esports style.