ANZBL Season 3 Registration Now Open!


In keeping with the competitive World of Tanks spirit, we're opening up ANZBL Season 3 registrations to those who are looking to improve their gameplay and have some guaranteed fun inside the Best League of them all!

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There are a few changes to how ANZBL will function moving forward — so for those interested, peruse ahead!

I'm new; what is the ANZBL all about?

The ANZBL aims to foster developing World of Tanks talent and players who would love to play in a highly competitive environment. As the Division 2 league for the ANZPL, the ANZBL shares the same core rules of gameplay as the ANZPL, with a 5v5 gamemode that only allows Tech Tree and Collector vehicles, with wheeled tanks and reward vehicles being excluded from this competitive mode.

Additional rules include the capping of tanks, so a team can at most only play two of the same tank, to encourage diversity and creativity among the players and teams.

Currently for the ANZBL, we will have four of our existing teams carrying on from the previous season.

Expansion Plans

With the ANZPL entering the fourth upcoming season, we are aiming at a minimum of six teams from this season onwards for ANZBL, with a guarantee of a NZ team as well within the ANZBL. Other team slots will be allocated to the highest performing state cores during the qualification stage.

As we increase the number of teams, so too will we increase the support from our side. If the six-team threshold is met, we will introduce the promised promotion/relegation feature, where the top placed ANZBL teams face off against the lowest placed ANZPL team to fight for the right to compete in the prestigious ANZPL in the next season.

Additionally, the prize pool will be reworked accordingly, with a $1000 cash prize being offered for the first placed team, alongside the usual gold prizing for the rest of the players in the other teams.

Now I'm interested! What do I need to do?

To achieve the goal of six teams, we will be holding respective open qualifiers for our Australian and New Zealand players.

  • For our Aussie players, each respective state will have one versus ones to determine the three core players who will be the state representative picks. The three core players of each team will then face off against other state team representatives in a three versus three format, with the team that takes the crown being our newest Aussie team that enters the ANZBL Season 3.
  • For our New Zealand players, there will be the one versus ones to exclusively determine the best three core players, with this team entering the ANZBL for Season 3.

And finally, what are the dates?

  • The ANZBL registrations will end on the 28th of February at 11:59PM AEDT — plenty of time to get your name into the mix!
  • The qualifiers for the new state cores will be held at the beginning of March — so if you're interested, stay tuned as we'll be in contact with you around then.
  • The draft will be held on Thursday, the 17th of March 2022 — once again, you'll have the amazing JayRated and the cringe KaRath to take you through the entire process!
  • And finally, the action will start on Monday, the 18th of April 2022, which you can catch live on the World of Tanks ANZ channel!

Good luck, and let’s battle!