[Streamer Feature] Pixelsmixel

It's our pleasure introduce you to Pixelsmixel, our first featured Twitch ANZ Partner who will be checking out some World of Tanks! Catch her streams tomorrow on the 20th, and then the 22nd from 6PM AEDT! We asked Pix some questions so you can get to know a bit about her:

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi. Hey. Hello. I'm Pixel, or lots of people call me Pix. I'm a streamer from Melbourne, Australia and I have a poodle (to be fair, I'm pretty sure most people watch me for her). My life so far has been a bit of a mixed bag, I left school in year 10 to study Ballet, I ended up getting a degree in Forensic Psych, and now I run a community and play games on the internet. I have three tattoos and am the kind of person who listens to a good song over and over until I can't listen to it anymore. I like jazz, whiskey, sci-fi and learning anything new. I'm a history buff and played way too much Neopets as a teenager. 

What got you into Twitch streaming and what do you enjoy the most about it?

I started streaming early 2017. I watched some streams and I was just looking to make friends as an adult. It looked fun, and I was playing games anyway so why not? I think what’s kept me streaming so long is the community though. You have to enjoy people, you have to enjoy the interaction or streaming will be more taxing than it already can be. I also think you have to care and be empathetic, a sense of community is hard to come by in a modern world, and I absolutely love that something I do provides a space for that.

How do you make your stream stand out?

Making a stream stand out is an entirely personal thing. For me, I don't shy away from having difficult conversations as I think that’s really important in today’s age. I think there’s also something to be said about also embracing the weirder parts of your personality because that’s what makes you different. I have a fairly simple layout and scene set up but that’s just a personal choice. In saying all of that, Twitch and streaming are all about community. You create the vibe, you set the scene and the people who stick around add to that. The community is by far the most important part of a standout stream to me, and that will mean something different to everyone depending on a range of factors.

How have you found interacting with the broader Twitch Community?

I went to my first Twitch meet-up over 2 years ago now and honestly, from showing up alone, not knowing a soul, to now having made some incredible friends. It’s been a wonderful experience. Being part of a wider community with some sense of competitiveness has challenges, but for the most part, the Twitch community is one of the most diverse accepting communities out there, and I feel insanely lucky to have met so many people. A particular highlight for me is always meeting long term community members at conventions, to put a face to a name is something really special.

BONUS QUESTION: Why are you interested as a history buff, and is there any historical part of World of Tanks you’re particularly excited in exploring?

I am a people fan and learning about history has been a huge part of that. War has been something that has changed and shaped humanity for almost as long as we've been around, that fascinates me. From the wider sources of conflict, to the insane logistics involved in historical war, to obviously the era of tanks and how innovation changed the course of history in so many ways. I have watched every war movie/documentary ever made; I think just because of my fascination with what is the human experience. I've also been to Normandy, which was one of the most pivotal battles of WWII, it was an extremely real experience for me so I'd say understanding more about the tanks involved in that would really interest me.

Catch her streams on the 20th and on the 22nd!