ANZ Clan Showcase - 1AR

We have a lot of great clans here in ANZ, some you might not have heard of, some you might have, and some you might want to know more about. The Clan Showcase seeks to put a spotlight on the various clans in ANZ and give you a bit of a run down on their history, what they do, and why you might like to join! For the first showcase, we’re focusing on 1AR!


A community within a community - 1AR is the longest continually running clan on the Asian Server. Forming on NA before joining the South-East Asian Server which is now the Asian Server and of course calling the the ANZ periphery home. 1AR has always been community minded, and as such has recruitment requirements to reflect that. Whilst those requirements have and do include specific groups of tanks and proficiency in them - the ability to fit into the “1AR Culture” has always been more important than raw statistics. 

The Famous 1AR Shenanigans

Shenanigans have been around for as long as the clan, and have been hosted and run by numerous past and existing 1AR clan members. Shenanigans are organised in training rooms in game and designed to blow off a bit of steam over a weekend. Traditionally held on Saturdays, events include some of the following:

  • Pz. 1 C Races: Racing around Lakeville, Sand River, Abbey and Himmelsdorf. As newer maps come our dedicated shenanigans team explore racing options even before the new maps are patched in! Equipment 2.0 has created opportunities for different racing equipment, and of course sometimes the stock modules are a better option.
  • Argy-Bargy: One of the most popular and spectacular events – bring your biggest, baddest, heaviest tank in the garage and battle to the death trying to push the opposition into the drink on the Lakeville road, or off the Mountain Pass Bridge. No shooting other than firing HE into the air for effect – like Sumo Wrestling for tanks!
  • Smash Up Derby on Redshire: Max Tier 6, nothing heavy – T37’s and Cromwells try to ram each other to death near the tree that can’t be felled on the Redshire Hills. No shooting but rolling someone down the hill can be very therapeutic!
  • Skeet Shooting, British Bulldogs, the longest jump, Mittengard Clan Wars, SPG only – the list of events goes on and is ever evolving. Best way to experience it is to #GetOnBoard when it’s on – 9pm AEST Saturday – check Discord for details and announcements!

What About Clan Wars, Campaigns, Advances and Stuff?

1AR is the only ANZ clan which has competed in every campaign on the SEA/Asia Server as well as every Clan Wars Season. 1AR does “chip”, “Ready Up”, “Form Up” most nights be it for global maps battles or advances and will give anyone a go who can bring the right tank, follow simple directions and not carry on like a pork chop before, during or after a battle.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, and even though they are a fun-loving bunch they do like to see improvement which is why a group of dedicated 1AR clan members put together the 1AR Players’ Manual last year, with the goal of helping players new to the Clan Wars scene – Campaigns specifically. (Note – some contributors to the document linked below may no longer be with 1AR but are still considered “part of the family”.)

This is an incredible resource for newer players looking to get into Clan Wars, or players with quite some experience wanting to take their first steps. Click the button below to access this fantastic manual:

1AR Player Manual


Recruitment requirements as mentioned are not 100% stat based, but you should have at least a couple of “Meta” Tier 10 tanks and some idea how they work. Players wishing to apply can do so via the button below. You can also drop in to the Discord channel and talk to someone!

Apply for 1AR Here!

If Clan Wars is not your thing but you wish to join for the shenanigans, banter, laughs and good times – then 1AR-M could be for you! “M” uses the same Discord and often join in for platoons, count ins, shenanigans, and good times – a good place for those not so interested in the Clan War scene. Click below to apply for 1AR-M

  Apply for 1AR-M here!

Players come, and players go – clans come, and clans go; yet 1AR has been around since the beginning and is not going anywhere anytime soon. They are proud of their history, and the players who have passed through our ranks, they’d even argue there is not a big English-speaking clan out there that does not have an ex 1AR player or two amongst them, and they are pretty proud of that too.

A big thank you to our Community Contributor and 1AR Commander himself stewiejp for helping put this article together. You can catch him live most nights on Twitch, and you may have heard him casting on his Big One for the entire season of the ANZ B League!