Last Chance for the Anniversary Store


The World of Tanks 10th Anniversary celebrations are finally coming to an end, and so the Anniversary Store will soon be closing as well. Throughout the event, you've no doubt earned plenty of Anniversary Coins by completing Active Phase and Breather missions during each Act, so be sure to spend them on the special Anniversary-themed items we've prepared for you!

The customization elements of all five Acts will be available in the Anniversary Store throughout the 10th Anniversary event. They will be removed from the Store and all remaining Anniversary Coins will be deducted from your account on 12 October at 14:00 UTC +8, so don’t forget to redeem the rewards of your choice before then! Any unique Anniversary items you purchase will be yours permanently.

Where is the Anniversary Store?

In your Garage, click on "Store" near the top of the screen. The Anniversary Store can be accessed by clicking the 10th Anniversary icon, on the top left of the Store page.

Once there, you'll see three tabs offering the following:

  • Anniversary gold bundles, supplemented with Anniversary Coins. Their value in real money will be the same as if you bought this amount of gold in the Premium Shop. But in addition to gold, in each Anniversary bundle you will receive a number of Anniversary Coins for free. You can choose one of three packages:
    • 5,000 and 100 Anniversary Coins
    • 8,750 and 200 Anniversary Coins
    • 12,500 and 300 Anniversary Coins
  • Unique customizations, carefully holding the memories of the past. Each emblem, decal or other item in this section is unique and a real collector's gem; some have never been offered for sale before. You can purchase the contents of this section for Anniversary Coins.
  • Bundles containing legendary vehicles and unique 2D styles. The tanks featured in this final Act are the VIII Lorraine 40 t  and the VI T78 . In addition to their own exclusive custom styles, these bundles include an additional all-season look, made up of fragments of World of Tanks mini-maps.

Check out all the exclusive items you can obtain from the Store below, and be sure to grab them before the event ends!