Don't Let Your Anniversary Coins Collect Dust!


The culmination of the World of Tanks' 10th Anniversary celebrations is just around the corner. We are already in the fourth Act, Overhaul, with only one more to go, and thus far you've shown tremendous skill in battle, earning a decent number of Anniversary Coins along the way.

The Anniversary Store

The Anniversary Store will be available in a special section of the in-game shop throughout all five Acts—here is where you can find it.

It has three tabs offering the following:

  • Bundles – Legendary vehicles with their own unique styles, and Auxiliary Bundles containing Anniversary Coins and gold
  • Exterior – Special emblems, decals, inscriptions, and 2D styles commemorating nostalgic moments in World of Tanks history
  • Other – Useful Directives and Personal Reserves to enhance your battle performance

We would like to remind Commanders that the Anniversary section of the in-game store–and your chance to spend Anniversary Coins–will only be available until 12 October. After this date, the Anniversary Store section and your Anniversary Coins will be removed from the game. Don't forget to spend your Anniversary Coins before then!