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AC1 Sentinel: Rare Australian Tank Returns Home

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Tank Commanders,

A long-lost member of the tank family has been recovered and will soon be under the public spotlight again. As one of Australia's innovative designs in World War II and a significant historical relic in its own right, the AC1 Sentinel's return to its homeland has been made possible by Wargaming's efforts, stemming from our passion for military history.

The journey of this particular vehicle is now the subject of a video documentary; watch the trailer below now for a brief preview!

About the AC1 Sentinel


The Australian Cruiser Mk I (AC1) "Sentinel" tank was designed in Australia during World War II. All in all, about 65 AC1 Sentinels were serially produced from 1942 to 1943.  The AC1 Sentinel was also the first tank to be built with a hull cast as a single piece, and the only tank to be produced in quantity in Australia.

There are currently only three AC1 Sentinel tanks left in existence.  One of the remaining tanks belonged to a huge tank enthusiast and collector in the USA, Jacques Littlefield, who owned one of the biggest private collections in the world that counted over 220 military vehicles.

The Restoration

Wargaming has transported the tank from Texas, USA to its new home, the Australian Armor & Artillery Museum in Cairns, Australia. Acquired from the Littlefield’s collection, the AC1 Sentinel is now waiting to undergo minor renovations and will soon make its public debut.

We'll have more details soon on the renovation works carried out, including images of the sandblasting and base coating processes.

Playable AC1 Sentinel Coming Soon

It is our pleasure to note that a playable version of the AC1 Sentinel will soon find its way into World of Tanks PC. More information about how to obtain one will be available soon.

Special Message to the Australian Community

The restoration of the AC1 Sentinel marks the first time an Australian tank is featured by Wargaming, and is a homage to the strong support that our Australian community has shown us all these years. Whether you've been with us since the very beginning or just starting out as a World of Tanks player, we'd like to thank you all the same and hope that the in-game representation of the tank will be dearly appreciated.

Roll out!