The End of Jay Spectacular!

"Quality is not an act - it is a habit." - Aristotle, probably, but also sounds like something tossy Jay would tell us.

As we're reaching the festive season and heading into a brand new 2023, the longest member of the WeeGee ANZ community will be changing track as well. After being the face of World of Tanks ANZ (and more!) over the last five years, JayRated will be driving off into his next adventure, with all of us over here at Wargaming cheering him on.

If you'd also like to "tank" JayRated as well, share a memory, or just join in the festivities, we'll be running a special ten-hour stream on Friday, the 23rd of December, from 11AM to 9PM Sydney Time (that's UTC +11), hosted by the man himself!

You can catch him live on!


11AM - 1PM Coffee Club - Jay wakes up with some coffee and low tier Tanks to kick off the day!
1PM - 3PM Random Battles - Going to the tanks he knows and loves, he'll also be completing exercise donation incentives throughout this period.
3PM - 3:30PM Lunch Break - Be back soon!
3:30PM - 5PM Player Platoons - Maximise credits, XP, and your sense of superiority.
5PM - 6:30PM WeeGee Platoons - Jay gets berated by his fellow WeeGee ANZ members one last time on Tanks.
6:30PM - 7PM Dinner - Be back soon!
7PM - 9PM Curtain Call - Tanks, memories, and final shout-outs.


During this stream we'll also be taking donations to the Black Dog Institute, to help further their research into mental health and suicide prevention. We'll be running the exercise incentives once again during this stream ($10, your choice of exercise), and any message over $1 also gets read out by Jay, so you better tell him to fixyagame one last time as a WeeGee!

This is your last chance to thank Jay or blame Jay, so he better see you in the chat!

If you'd like to donate now, you can find the link directly here.