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[TW] Wargaming restored 5'' naval gun in Camp Osier

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Tank commanders,

The press conference of 5'' naval gun restoration was held in Camp Osier, Kinmen to mark the start of Wargaming's collaboration with Kinmen.  Mr. Wu, Deputy Magistrate of Kinmen, ‎Mr Yasuhiro Kawashima, Head of Producer, Wargaming Asia and Mr Tadamasa Miyanaga, Military Advisor of Wargaming ASIA, Sky Lin, Head of WG Taiwan Office and Mr. Jiang, ex Head of Representative Office in Belarus held this ceremony together. 

Mr. Wu, Deputy Magistrate of Kinmen said, "In the past decades, there were one million troops stationed in Kinmen and they had the important mission of defending Taiwan. Now Kinmen has transformed into an island internationally renowned for touring. On Kinmen island, people can see many special places like military fortifications, tunnels and military memorial parks. In order to expand touring content of Kinmen, the Kinmen government has established "Camp Osier Military Experience Park", about 13 hectares. There are indoor and outdoor leisure facilities available and will give visitors from all over the world a brand-new military experience."

Yasuhiro Kawashima, the Head of Producer, Wargaming Asia, said: "For a long time, Wargaming has kept close relations with many military museums in the world. Wargaming is dedicated to preserving unique tanks for collection and restoring military vehicles with historical value. This time, we choose Kinmen, a place with a rich historical background as our first stop in Asia. We have succcessfully restored the 5" naval gun in Camp Osier under the guidance of Taiwan's professional military magazine DTM. It's our honour to participate in this great event. "

Besides the restoration of old retired weapons in the park, Wargaming also established a World of Tanks gaming experience area to add on to the interactive experience in the park. Together with the restoration of 5" naval gun, an illustrated board was also added for educational and historical purposes to help visitors understand this naval gun more in-depth.
From today onwards, visitors who visit this park can experience all these for free and they will also get to learn the game controls and experience the fun of gameplay in World of Tanks.


Since our establishment, Wargaming has always been dedicated to the restoration and preservation of military equipment and weapons, eSport promotion and social care. We hope that this event is just the beginning of more to come, and we welcome more players to participate and join us in our efforts.



◆ 陽字號驅逐艦的故事

After the Nationalist government withdrew to Taiwan, the Taiwan Navy received and purchased retired destroyers from US between 1954 and 1983. All of these ships are equipped Mk. 30 5" naval guns. They were the Benson class, Gleaves class and Fletcher class destroyers in the US Navy. Before they were delivered to Taiwan, some of these ships were known to have participated in the Korean War and Vietnam War. All of these destroyers are housed in the Warship Museum for public viewing today.