Halloween 2022 - Wallpapers


Having fun bashing all the pumpkins in the Pumpkin Bash event? Let's add some magic to your PC with these wallpapers of each magical crew!




Pumpkin Bash
20 October 2022 at 07:30 (UTC+8) - 04 November 2022 at 05:00 (UTC+8)

Cordelia Astra

Witches can operate technical appliances if the setting is right—which is the case. These ladies can even command various sorts of armored battle machines. Not so long ago, Cordelia Astra had a magical tank and a crew no less magical. She is extremely attached to the rest of the witches in her coven, and now wants to reconnect with them in this strange world they have all been accidentally thrown into.

Sybill Brennheart

When you are the youngest member of a small witch coven operating a magical tank, you aren’t bossed around or mentored. You are cared for and genuinely liked due to your energetic and cheerful personality. Only sometimes, there come reprimands for mischief like partying too much and being too loud (and too fiery). For now, Sybill Brennheart is done with that and ready to rejoin her crew.

Aurelia von Alden

Witches being careless and frivolous is a horrible, deeply insulting stereotype. Commoners who believe it are insulting every practitioner of magic devoted to learning, discipline, self-control, and accomplishment, especially those who come from a family of an immaculate repute, like Aurelia von Alden. Now, she needs to recollect herself, reunite with the team, and study her new surroundings from a researcher’s perspective.

Deirdre Grimmhildt

If this tank crew of four witches were a pop group, Deirdre Grimmhildt would be its kind-hearted drummer. She likes cookies, so there’s always lots of crumbs in her pockets for all the small hungry critters. She loves her sisters-in-arms, and always offers the bulk of the cookies to them. (They love her too, so they only take one each.) Deirdre Grimmhildt knows her friends will find her, and her skills as a natural-born mechanic will be needed again.


All cats look mysterious. And when you establish eye contact with them, you always get a feeling they have a story to tell. Under the gaze of this one, you realize that his tale is about something more than a piece of raw meat snatched and devoured, or somebody’s favorite curtains torn to ribbons. If only he could talk…

Wait, he actually CAN talk?!? And did he really say what I think he said? Oh my... how disrespectful!