ANZPL Season 5 - Week 4 Highlights

We're approaching the half-way mark into the second season of 2022 - so before we head into Week 5, let's take a look at the happenings from last week!

Fantasy Winner of the Week

Congratulations to Puelhem, who takes home 500 gold for taking the top place! (Well, technically JS did, but he's already captaining the cats, so...)

If you want to take a look, he netted a cool 1,378.6 points this week.

Missed out on Fantasy? Don't worry, with weekly prizes, it's always a good time to jump in. Best of all, it's free! So sign up here!

Fantasy League Awaits  

GamesOnAus Wrap-up of the Week

Looking for a juicy article write-up? GamesOnAus has you covered every week with their weekly write-ups, so make sure you check out their article and website!

Make sure you tune in for their weekly podcast on Thursday's for "Nuts and Bolts", which will have a captain's interview and insight into the ANZPL through multiple members!

Check out their article!

Hungry for more action?

Week 5, the half way point, is starting at 7PM AEST on our World of Tanks ANZ twitch channel this Friday. Tune in for some sick action and drops!