ANZPL Season 5 - Grand Finals Recap

And just like that, the Season, as well as the year, has finished. Once again, all the action happened live at Fortress Melbourne last Saturday night - where we crowned the champion of Season 5. Congratulations to the Sentinels on defending their title for a second season in a row!

We also had a show match between some friendly PL and BL faces - and of course, the eternal battle between cringe and cool!

Fantasy Winner of the Week

blades29 grabs the last 500 weekly gold prize for Season 5, proving that you don't need to be in it for a long time to win!

And with the ending of the season, we also find our top three fantasy league players!

Fadey takes the top of the podium, with LeChippy following close behind, and finally, Run Away Brave Sir Robin! All familiar names to the ANZ community. Congratulations for a successful season, and we hope you all enjoyed playing Fantasy Tanks!

ANZPL Raising Money for Movember

We have raised $470 AUD for this month of Movember to support tackling men's health issues, with all paid ticket proceeds of ANZPL going towards this worthy cause. Thank you once again to our community!

GamesOnAus Wrap-up of the Week

Thanks once again to GamesOnAus for their media releases this entire season of ANZPL and ANZBL!

GameOnAus's Grand Final Summary!  

Exit Stage Left

And that is all for now for ANZPL Season 5 - thank you for joining us throughout this fantastic season and once again, congratulations to the North Syndey Sentinels!

We'll have some more action to announce soon - but until then, take care, and enjoy Holiday Ops!