ANZBL Season 3 Teams

We've just had our fantastic draft last Thursday for our ANZBL Season 3 Teams - if you've missed the stream, here's what you need to know with the Best League starting on Monday the 18th of April!

Introducing your six teams

Auckland Archers

  • Rameka13 <NZ>
  • Zealblade <NZ>
  • Road Riot <NZ>
  • T_RAK <NZ>
  • 13bladez <SA>
  • Kiwi_Nightmare <SA>
  • Taney_Local <NZ>

Bundaberg Badgers

  • BadBoiBubbles<QLD>
  • Spencer2018 <QLD>
  • Fury <QLD>
  • Snozzle <NSW>
  • b0tt <WA>
  • Phantom Yamato <SA>

Cairns Comets

  • Pp_Power <QLD>
  • AthrunZulla <QLD>
  • Darkknight_lol <QLD>
  • _Oreos_ <NZ>
  • rupro_ <ACT>
  • RudyStooDwa <NZ>
  • Flaming <VIC>

Canberra Centurions

  • MirrasYYY <NSW>
  • Soltarian_ <NSW>
  • StiFe_Fil <NSW>
  • malpaso <VIC>
  • toddy339 <VIC>
  • Scott_Hanaray <NZ>
  • Guns0Tron <NZ>

Hawthorn Hellcats

  • DarthCavalier <VIC>
  • Harty <VIC>
  • Buff_Hamster <VIC>
  • Fuzzi_Boy <NSW>
  • G4tekeep3r <NSW>
  • Rippon <VIC>
  • Gregori190 <WA>

Wollongong Wolverines

  • haha_yes <NSW>
  • Barricade007 <NSW>
  • DG_ToasteD <ACT>
  • MyNameDidntFit <SA>
  • The_Mendicant_Bias <QLD>
  • The_Forsaken_Army <VIC>

Sponsors and Prize Pool

We'd like to give a warm and hearty welcome to HyperX to the ANZBL - no strangers to the World of Tanks ANZ competitive scene, they'll be bringing their peripherals range as prizes for both the players and fantasy league!

For the champions of the ANZBL, they'll be rewarded with a chance at promotion into the ANZPL, along with a Cloud II Headset, Fury Mousemat (S), and Pulsefire Haste Mouse each!

The usual HYPERX in the chat action will still be continuing - with a weekly giveaway of the Fury Mousemat (S) and Pulsefire Haste mouse for those tuning in on stream!

1st $1000 AUD for the team, HyperX Cloud II Headset, Fury Mousemat (S) + Pulsefire Haste Mouse for each player, shot at promotion into the ANZPL
2nd 6000 gold per player
3rd 5000 gold per player
4th 4000 gold per player
5th 3000 gold per player
6th 2000 gold per player

Fantasy League

That's right, we've got Fantasy League every week for ANZBL - and for this season for ANZBL Fantasy, you have the chance to win:

Additional Prizes
1st 5000 Cloud II Headset, Fury Mousemat (S) + Pulsefire Haste Mouse
2nd 2500 Cloud II Headset
3rd 2500 A consolidation prize from KaRath of your choice (firm handshake, high five, or a personalised message)

Additionally, to encourage participation each individual week in case you miss out on one week, or maybe had one member who had an uncharacteristic shocker - we'll be giving out a code that'll grant you missions for XP, credits, and some premium time for those that place 1st during the individual week! How good! More details to come.

*The ANZBL Fantasy League prizes are not open to ANZBL players, nor to WG staff, however, we encourage our players and staff members to commit. Especially WG staff, so you can laugh at their points afterwards!


For this season of ANZBL, we'll be having drops enabled as well, and this time - for the Asia server only, and in a nifty little surprise, you'll need to complete these drop missions on the ANZ periphery server! If you watch for 90 minutes each ANZBL, you're guaranteed missions for:

  • 25'000 credits
  • 10'000 XP 

Once again, these are redeemable for everyone that plays on the Asia Server, but they must be on the ANZ server to utilise and finish these missions for the rewards! And best of all - each week, this will reset, meaning that every week you support ANZBL and the grassroots scene of ANZ, you'll also get the benefits in getting another set of these missions to complete and help your progress in-game!

Season 3 Dates

Monday 18th April Round 1
Monday 25th April Round 2
Monday 2nd May Round 3
Monday 9th May Round 4
Monday 16th May Round 5
Monday 23rd May Play-Off, Semi-Finals
Monday 30th May Lower Bracket Finals
Friday 10th June Finals
Friday 17th June Promotion/Relegations


With just under two weeks until the start of ANZBL - it's shaping up to be a cracking season, so get ready to jump in and support some local names play in the best local league of them all!