The Strv K: A Tank With a Spirit


Yesterday, we presented to you, all at once, the new Sabaton video called “Steel Commanders”, the Spirit of War event, and—as a sort of a teaser—the brand-new Strv K tank, the first-ever Tier IX Premium vehicle with a set of distinctive features and the Spirit of War 3D style on top. Let’s take a closer look at the main prize of the event, the Strv K!


Metal Machine: The Strv K

The Strv K is a Tier IX Swedish heavy tank and a force to be reckoned with. In battle, it excels at hull-down play with its tough turret and excellent gun depression angle. Other gun parameters, including great armor penetration, allow for convenient gunplay.

  • The frontal armor of the turret is up to 254 mm thick. This is the nominal value, with the efficient ones being much higher: If we look the Strv K in the face, beyond the curved gun mantlet, everything’s sloped.
  • Its tough turret, together with a gun depression angle of –10 degrees, means that once your hull is behind a terrain fold, you will feel snug.
  • With decent stabilization, a base aiming time of 2.49 s, and a base accuracy of 0.33, the “How did I miss that?” situations are kept to a minimum.
  • Armor penetration is 252 mm for the basic AP shell, and 310 mm for the special APCR shell, which travels at 1,350 m/s.
  • With a base top speed of 40 km/h, you will arrive at key firing positions faster than most heavies, and with a base view range of 400 m, you’ll be likely to spot your enemies before they spot you, too.

The parameters displayed are valid for the vehicle with each crew member trained to 100% major qualification level. Some vehicle characteristics can be further improved with the commander's bonus to major qualification level, crew perks and skills, as well as special in-game items.
Main Characteristics
Concealment and Survivability
Strv K
Average Damage
390/390/480 HP
Average Penetration
252/310/53 mm
Hit Points
1,850 HP
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
40/18 km/h
Radio Operator
Average Damage
390/390/480 HP
Gun Reload Time
12 s
Average Penetration
252/310/53 mm
45 items
Dispersion at 100 m
0.34 m
Aiming Time
2.5 s
Gun Depression / Elevation Angles
Shell Types
Shell Velocity
1,080 m/s
1350 m/s
900 m/s
Concealment and Survivability
Concealment of Moving Vehicle
Hit Points
1,850 HP
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle
Hull Armor
90/70/37 mm
Signal Range
710 m
Turret Armor
254/89/89 mm
View Range
400 m
Engine Power
670 h.p.
Specific Power
16,4 h.p./t
Traverse Speed
30 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed
40/18 km/h

Being a Premium vehicle, the Strv K receives a bonus to credits and crew XP in every battle. Along with this standard bonus, it also offers a totally new one: It will earn you bonds in Random Battles on the same terms that Tier X vehicles do, and with the same yield (as shown in the table below).

TOP 10

Light in the Black: The Style

The Spirit of War 3D style is obtained separately, either by completing the Chapter II missions of the Spirit of War event, or by spending 6,000 . Besides making the Strv K look like an armored knight (which were the spiritual predecessors to tanks), it has another “game first”: The namesake Spirit of War from the “Steel Commanders” video will enter the tank once the battle countdown ends and will reside inside of it throughout the fight!

In addition to its looks and effects, the Spirit of War 3D style provides the standard concealment bonus of 2%.

Wolfpack: The Crew

Sabaton created the battle metal genre, and the band members are the best candidates for rolling out your Strv K onto every battlefield. They all have the unique “Band of Brothers” as their zero perk (which works just like Brothers in Arms). The band’s leader, Joakim Brodén, also provided his voice for the tank. Familiarize yourself with the line-up and the sound!

Joakim Brodén
Lead vocalist who knows how to engage the audience. Thanks to his signature vocal style and unique outfit, Joakim is one of the most recognizable frontmen of the metal world.
Hannes Van Dahl
Drummer and natural-born pace setter, Hannes turns every song into a march of its own that makes you wanna tread your way to the glory.
Guitarist known as “The machine”, Chris combines his energy with surgical precision, turning Sabaton into an avalanche of power.
Pär Sundström
Radio Operator
The band’s founding father and lifelong bassist, Pär manages to combine his mighty musical talents and great organizational skills.
Tommy Johansson
Guitarist referred to as “The lion from the North”, Tommy amplifies the band’s musical richness, adding to Sabaton’s true Nordic heaviness.

Thunderstorm: The Soundtrack

The heavy metal tank is going to have a soundtrack of its own. While you’re in your Strv K, you’ll do battle to the remixes of “Steel Commanders”. You can listen to these exclusive tracks here.

Sabaton - Steel Commanders (Intro version) : Sabaton_-_Steel_Commanders_(intro_version)
Sabaton - Steel Commanders (Andrius Klimka remix) : Sabaton_-_Steel_Commanders_(Andrius_Klimka_remix)
Sabaton - Steel Commanders (Andrey Kulik remix) : Sabaton_-_Steel_Commanders_(Andrey_Kulik_remix)
Sabaton - Steel Commanders (Tommy Johansson, Andrius Klimka remix) : Sabaton_-_Steel_Commanders_(Tommy Johansson, Andrius_Klimka_remix)

Now that you’ve learned how the Strv K plays, looks, sounds, and earns, it’s about time you got down to the missions! Check the article on the Spirit of War event to find out how you can obtain the tank and the 3D style (or at least a solid discount for your mastery or dedication during the missions).

Good luck in your battles, Commanders, and may the Spirit of War be on your side!