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Update 9.15.1: Mods, Action Script 3 and You

General News
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Tank Commanders,

Update 9.15.1 slightly differs from the other World of Tanks updates that players are used to; the importance of the technical part of this patch takes precedence over the game content visible to players. The most important technical feature will be transferring the game battle interface over to the new version of ActionScript 3.0 programming language.

In this article we will explain what purpose this change has, what the advantages of ActionScript 3.0 are, and how to avoid any inconveniences after the update's release.

Why ActionScript 3.0?

ActionScript 2.0 has been in use for interface development solutions since the release of World of Tanks. In 2015, the World of Tanks garage had been transferred into ActionScript 3.0, and with Update 9.15.1, the game battle interface will be fully transferred into the new version.

After the transfer to the new platform, the performance of the client in Update 9.15.1 will remain at the same level or will slightly rise. However, transferring to ActionScript 3.0 provides new opportunities to further optimize the game client. Also, the process of creating modifications will be more convenient, as there will be more opportunities for AutoDesk Scaleform for mod makers.

In-game Mod Performances

When developing a new platform for the battle interface, Wargaming company staff worked closely with the most popular mod makers. Thanks to the work done previously, we were able to significantly reduce the performance risks of third-party client modifications.

Important! Do not install third-party modifications to the game client before the official news on the game portal. It is not recommended to move mods of the previous version to the 9.15.1 folder, as it will lead to unstable operation of the game.

Despite close cooperation between the World of Tanks development team and mod makers, unfortunately, some of the mods will potentially not be available for some time, and their installation might lead to technical problems. It is not recommended to install them to the game client, including the ones listed below:


  • All components


  • Deluxe damage panel (custom damage panel)
  • Chat with message history
  • Tank icons

Issues with Mod Usage

There are some players who play using different client mods. We remind you that these mods are not created by Wargaming, but by third-party developers and users. Therefore, with the release of the official updates of World of Tanks players may come across issues in the game client while using the modified files (e.g. decreased fps, freezes and crashes, missing textures in the sniper mode, etc.). In most cases, such problems are solved by simply deleting the mod, but players may have to reinstall the client on some occasions.

Important! Wargaming is not responsible for game client issues due to modified files. The only exception is the WG Social mod. It is recommended that all players using these mods download and install the latest versions.