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Features of Update 9.15.1


Version 9.15.1 is like an iceberg.

Most currently available information regarding the content of the update concerns the technical aspects of the client. You will learn about some of this below. The rest of this article, however, discusses the more visible changes to World of Tanks.

The main features of Update 9.15.1 are: increase in the informativeness of sounds, prototypes of new minimaps, replacement of a Tier IX French medium tank, improving the quality of 24 new tanks and improvments to 4 vehicle models.

Improved Sound

Ever since Version 9.14, World of Tanks has been using a new audio platform called Audiokinetic Wwise. The introduction of this technology has enabled us to make the audio environment in battle more immersive and realistic. Besides the innovations that were introduced to the game, Audiokinetic Wwise has also given us the ability to further develop the sound component of World of tanks. 

First of all, sounds will provide more information in combat. There are additional sounds for tanks with gasoline engines and a new sound preset for players who like deep bass.

The following sounds were updated:

  1. HE shells detonating near a tank: Added sound events for HE shells dealing splash damage (damage caused by fragments within a given area).
  2. Voice event for deaths of allied tanks: A voice message will now play when an allied tank is destroyed in battle. If several allied vehicles are destroyed at the same time, only one sound is triggered.
  3. Added directional sounds for spotting: In the new update, you will be able to determine the direction in which the spotted tank is located based on the sound that plays upon succesfully spotting it. The direction from which the sound will play will be based on the orientation of the player's camera.
  4. Increased the variety of sounds for the suspensions of tanks with powerful gasoline engines.
  5. Added a new sound preset, "Bass Enhancement": Players who love to immerse themselves in bass can now This preset runs independently of the player’s audio device, including speakers on laptops. 

Prototypes of New Minimaps

The main purpose of introducing tactical minimaps is to improve access to information on the battle interface. The new minimaps are intended to make it easier for the player to read and analyse information.

Hence, the prototypes of minimaps are designed to clearly and precisely present data. After Update 9.15.1, the game will have 4 prototypes of new minimaps for these maps:

  • Prokhorovka
  • Ensk
  • Cliff
  • El Halluf

This is meant to gauge players' reception to a new visual style. The future of these prototype minimaps will be determined based on the analysis of feedback that players provide. If necessary, improvements will be made. Analysis of feedback will also serve to determine whether the new minimaps will be implemented on all maps.

Replacement of Lorraine 40 t by Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP

Ever since the French tank tree was introduced, there has been a ripple in the continuity when researching Tier IX and X French medium tanks. As players progressed through the tech tree, they discovered that after the AMX 13 75 and AMX 13 90 (which both have autoloading drum magazines), the next two researchable Tier IX tanks in the branch (Lorraine 40 t and AMX 30 1er prototype) did not have them.

To address this issue, we plan to replace the Lorraine 40t with the Bat.-Châtillon 25t AP (B-C 25t AP), which is the prototype of the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t.

Replacing the Lorraine 40 t with the B-C 25t AP will give greater continuity to the branches of French tanks that have autoloading drum magazines.

The tank will be replaced by the following means:

  • If the player already has Lorraine 40 t researched:
    • The B-C 25t AP will take the Lorraine 40 t's place fully researched
    • Competency of the player's Lorraine 40 t crew will be transferred to the crew of the B-C 25t AP
    • Retained XP from the Lorraine 40 t will be transferred to the B-C 25t AP
    • If the gun, suspension, and/or engine was researched for the Lorraine 40 t, the corresponding modules will also be researched and equipped on the B-C 25t AP.
  • If there is a Lorraine 40 t in the Hangar:
    • Additional equipment will be moved to the Depot
    • Consumables will be moved to the Depot
    • Shells will be moved to the Depot
    • Lorraine 40 t will be replaced by B-C 25t AP
    • Crew will be moved from Lorraine 40 t to B-C 25t AP
    • Camouflages, inscriptions and emblems will be moved from Lorraine 40 t to B-C 25t AP with no change in remaining duration
    • If the gun, suspension, and/or engine was researched for the Lorraine 40 t, the corresponding modules will also be researched and equipped on the B-C 25t AP.
    • Any suspensions or engines for the Lorraine 40 t will be automatically sold at cost price, and the credits will be deposited into the player's account.

    The B-C 25t's parameters will be the same as those on the Lorraine 40 t.

New HD-models

In update 9.15.1, 24 tank models will given improved visual quality. 4 models that were previously given HD quality will be further improved. Improvements to tanks that have already been given HD models will be made due to introduction of new quality standards. This process is ongoing, because we believe that the models of tanks should undergo continuous improvement.

Some of the vehicles given HD models no longer have the same armour configurations.

You can check out the details below.

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