Update 1.7.1: The Common Test is Here!

The Common Test is now live.


The latest double-barreled Soviet heavy tank line is on its way to a battlefield near you in Update 1.7.1, along with the new Demount Kits that will allow you to unmount and send your Complex Equipment to the Depot for free. Find out more about these features at the link below, and be the first to try them out by joining the Common Test!


All players registered prior to 04:59 UTC+8 on 2 September can participate in the test. Please share your general feedback about the test version and bug reports to help us further improve our game!


  • If you have Wargaming Game Center installed, simply click the button below.
  • The WGC will download all the additional data.
  • Start playing!

Download the Test Client  

The test server will be restarted regularly, according to the following schedule:

  • First Periphery:  04:00 UTC every day. Average duration will be around 25 minutes.
  • Second Periphery: 05:00 UTC every day. Average duration will be around 25 minutes.
  • Central Database: 09:00 UTC every day. Average duration will be around 2 minutes.

The test server may be subject to unscheduled restarts and maintenance.

Preliminary List of Changes [Common Test 1]


Main Changes

Demounting Kit 

A new type of consumables (Demounting Kit) has been added to the game: it allows demounting one complex equipment without using gold. This consumable can be received from each fifth (large) Reward for Merit. Improved Equipment still can be demounted only for bonds.


Balance changes were made on the following maps (for the Encounter Battle type): Himmelsdorf, Ensk, Lakeville, Prokhorovka, Mines, Steppes, Siegfried Line, and Ruinberg.

Added the Encounter Battle type for the Cliff map.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles 


Added the following vehicles for testing by Supertest players:

  • Char Futur 4
  • Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque


Added a sub-branch of tanks using the double-barreled gun system that includes the following vehicles:

  • IS-2-II (Tier VIII)
  • IS-3-II (Tier IX)
  • ST-II (Tier X)

Added the following vehicle for testing by Supertest players:

  • Object 752