Update 1.21.1: Common Test 1 Has Arrived!

The first iteration of the Update 1.21.1 Common Test has arrived, Commanders!

Join epic 30v30 Frontline battles with updated Combat Reserves and other balance changes. You can also experience the new Overwhelming Fire event, featuring unusual vehicles with automatic cannons, and test an additional time-limited Battle Pass Chapter.


Scenario With Unusual Combat Rules and Balance Changes in Frontline

This August, your favorite game mode will return to World of Tanks with epic 30v30 tank clashes and enjoyable rewards! Its core rules and mechanics remain unchanged, so you’ll feel right at home. However, for this launch, we’ve updated the Combat Reserves system, introduced a scenario with unusual combat rules (Random Combat Reserves), and made a few other minor balance adjustments. Check them out.

Addition of a Fourth Level to Combat Reserves

The maximum level of Combat Reserves is now 4. To activate the fourth level, you need to purchase this Reserve before entering battle using Combat Reserve Points. After doing this, when you open this Reserve in battle, you will already have it at Level 2, and the maximum upgrade level for it will be 4. All default Combat Reserves (Artillery Strike, Recon Flight, and Inspire) will be considered purchased and can be upgraded to Level 4.

The additional Combat Reserve Level opens up new tactical opportunities for every Frontline player. Take the chance to overpower your opponents at critical moments and turn the tide on the battlefield!

Scenario With Unusual Combat Rules: Random Combat Reserves

This scenario is only for the second launch of Frontline 2023.

Random Reserves is a new Combat Reserve selection system. Now, when you enter battle and reach the Ranks where Reserves are unlocked, you will be offered a choice of two Random Reserves. This choice will be repeated until all three Reserve slots are filled. The ability to choose will be available until you make your selection. When your vehicle is destroyed, it becomes available again after respawning.

During the battle, you will have three opportunities to choose which Reserve you want from two options. You may be offered to re‑select an already applied Reserve, for example, Airstrike. You can use them independently, and each of them will have its own cooldown.

An exception is the passive Engineering Reserve. When re-selected, your Engineering Reserves merge into one slot and gain enhanced parameters.

The Reserves you choose apply throughout the battle to all the vehicles you play on.

  • Reserves that can be activated at the same time
  • Reserves that can only be activated consecutively
Reserves that can be activated at the same time
Artillery Strike
Smoke Screen
Recon Flight
Reserves that can only be activated consecutively
Field Repairs


Putting Reserves in the slots in the Garage increases the chance that they will be offered for you to select during the battle.

Join the Common Test and rock the vast Frontline battlefields again!

Overwhelming Fire: Try Out Vehicles With Automatic Cannons!

Heating things up this summer is the new Overwhelming Fire event! It will feature eight modified vehicles of the same tier but different types, equipped with fast-firing automatic cannons.

Each vehicle has its own strengths and features unique gameplay, so every Commander will find a formidable tank that best suits their individual playstyle. Each of the eight modified vehicles will have its own firing sub-mechanics based on the mechanics of automatic cannons. All these unusual vehicles will only be available in the Overwhelming Fire event.

During the Common Test, you can try out three of these unusual vehicles:

XM551E4 Hailstorm
(XM551 Sheridan)

Flakpanzer VIII Flakmaus

M5YE2 Thunderclap

The remaining five vehicles will be available when the event goes live, so stay tuned if you want to try them all!

How to Access Overwhelming Fire on the Common Test

  • In your Common Test Garage, click the event banner in the lower-right corner.
  • Or choose the Overwhelming Fire mode in the drop-down menu to the right of the Battle! button.

Players with low-spec CPUs and graphics cards may encounter performance issues when running the mode. To avoid them and play with maximum comfort, change the graphics settings in your game client in accordance with the capabilities of your CPU and graphics card.

During the Common Test, we want to test the technical stability of the gameplay innovations this event features. Based on the results of this test, we will decide if the event is ready to run on the main servers.

Battle Pass Season XI: Test an Additional Time-Limited Chapter!

An additional time-limited Chapter of Battle Pass Season XI is available for preliminary testing! This Chapter features two reward tracks: Base Rewards and Improved Rewards.

During the Common Test, we only test Chapter mechanics. The progression system, values, all rewards, and various characteristics are not final and are subject to change after the Chapter’s release. We’ll share the start time of the additional Chapter at a later date.

The main test reward for this extra Chapter serves a purely technical role—when the additional Chapter hits the live servers, you will receive a brand-new mystery Premium vehicle as your main reward instead. It will be available in the Base Rewards Track.

Join the test and share your impressions of the Overwhelming Fire event and other features!


To take part, you'll need the Wargaming.net Game Center (WGC), the latest Common Test game client, and a Wargaming.net account created prior to the cut-off date (see below).


All Wargaming.net accounts created before 12 June, 2023, 05:59 UTC+8 can participate in the test.

Download and Install the Test Client


  • Run the test client installer.
  • Choose a different installation folder from where your regular World of Tanks game files are.
  • Select the freshly installed test client from the dropdown menu at the top of the WGC.
  • Roll out—and remember to pass on your feedback!

You can find more details about the WGC in the dedicated Wargaming.net Game Center guide.


Check out our handy public test guide with all the details about Common Tests, Sandbox Tests, and Supertests.


Patch Notes


Main Changes


  • The new Twist of Fate scenario has been added.
  • The capture time of the zones in the first line has been changed.
  • The survivability of high-caliber gun turrets has been increased.
  • A fourth level of Combat Reserves has been added.
  • The Combat Reserve cooldown system has been reworked. Their cooldown time does not change after the player's vehicle is destroyed.
  • Some interface changes have been made to the Combat Reserve purchase screen.
  • Fixed some technical issues.

Battle Pass

  • An additional time-limited Chapter will become available the day after the start of the Common Test. The rewards and progression settings for the Common Test are subject to change by their release on the live servers .

Overwhelming Fire

  • Resources for the Overwhelming Fire event during the Common Test have been added.

Please note that only part of the game content will be available within the Common Test.

Changes have been made to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: KJPZ TIII Jäger


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: XM66F