Map Balance Improvements in Update 1.16


In Update 1.16, various balance improvements on the Siegfried Line, Ghost Town, and Erlenberg maps will be implemented, and Assault mode will be added to several Random Battles locales. Here's what to expect!

Siegfried Line

  • A position with a bunker for the lower team has been added, allowing you to control the field and the passage in the town as you would from the position of the upper team.
  • We’ve also improved the entrance to the town for the lower team, as well as for the attackers in Assault Battles.
  • Driving through the ruins is now smoother and more comfortable.
  • The position for defense in the town for the lower team has been improved.
  • We’ve removed several trees that allowed opponents to fire at the lower team without being spotted.
  • We’ve also changed the location of the spawn points in Assault Battles so that the attacking team can better control most of the map.


Encounter Battles will be unavailable for this map. We also made the following minor adjustments for Standard and Assault Battles on this map to balance the gameplay possibilities for both teams:

  • Part of the building below has been removed to increase communication between the sides.
  • The house model below has been replaced to minimize long-range firing at those crossing the river.
  • Balance changes have been made to make your gameplay more comfortable in several positions below:

Ghost Town

  • In Assault Battles, the location of the base to be captured has been changed.
  • Plus, the ground surface was leveled under the unfinished building below. This change is also relevant for Assault Battles.

Assault Mode in Random Battles

The following maps now support Assault Battles:

  • Redshire
  • Steppes

On some of these maps, one of the defenders' spawn points is not marked on the minimap, as it coincides with the location of the base. The same goes for the attackers: If only one point is depicted on the minimap, then the whole team will spawn there.
Redshire Steppes

To battle, Commanders!