Equipment Conversion in Update 1.10


The reworked Equipment 2.0 system will soon be launched with the release of Update 1.10, and will bring many improvements to your battlefield experience. New tactical possibilities and different styles of gameplay will become available, and you'll be able to discover fresh charms in tanks that you might not have played on in a while.

About Equipment 2.0

With this update, all old equipment will be converted into their new forms, taking into account the specifics of the reworked system. The new equipment will be divided into three classes that share the same properties, and each equipment class will correspond to a certain vehicle tier.


Medium-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer Cost: 200,000
Medium-Caliber Artillery Shell Rammer Cost: 300,000
Gun Rammer (Class 2) Cost: 300,000
Large-Caliber Tank Gun Rammer Cost: 500,000
Large-Caliber Artillery Shell Rammer Cost: 600,000
Gun Rammer (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Binocular Telescope

Binocular Telescope Cost: 500,000
Binocular Telescope (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Coated Optics

Coated Optics Cost: 500,000
Coated Optics (Class 1) Cost: 600,000


Toolbox Cost: 500,000
Modified Configuration (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive Cost: 500,000
Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Fill Tanks with CO2

Fill Tanks with CO2 Cost: 500,000
Modified Configuration (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Cyclone Filter

Cyclone Filter Cost: 500,000
Modified Configuration (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Vertical Stabilizer

Vertical Stabilizer Mk 1 Cost: 500,000
Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2 Cost: 600,000
Vertical Stabilizer (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Additional Grousers

Additional Grousers Cost: 250,000
Additional Grousers (Class 2) Cost: 250,000

"Wet" Ammo Rack

"Wet" Ammo Rack (Class 1) Cost: 200,000
Modified Configuration (Class 2) Cost: 200,000
"Wet" Ammo Rack (Class 2) Cost: 600,000
Modified Configuration (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Camouflage Net

Camouflage Net Cost: 100,000
Camouflage Net (Class 2) Cost: 100,000

Improved Ventilation

Improved Ventilation (Class 1) Cost: 50,000
Improved Ventilation (Class 3) Cost: 50,000
Improved Ventilation Class 2 Cost: 150,000
Improved Ventilation (Class 2) Cost: 200,000
Improved Ventilation Class 3 Cost: 600,000
Improved Ventilation (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Spall Liner

Light Spall Liner Cost: 50,000
Light Spall Liner Cost: 50,000
Medium Spall Liner Cost: 200,000
Medium Spall Liner Cost: 200,000
Heavy Spall Liner Cost: 500,000
Heavy Spall Liner Cost: 500,000
Superheavy Spall Liner Cost: 750,000
Superheavy Spall Liner Cost: 750,000

Enhanced Springs

Enhanced Coil Springs Class 1, Enhanced Springs, Enhanced Vickers Suspension, Enhanced Vertical Leaf Springs, Enhanced Vertical Coil Springs Class 1 Cost: 20,000
Enhanced Candle Suspension Cost: 40,000
Enhanced Christie Suspension Cost: 80,000
Improved Hardening (Class 3) Cost: 40,000
Enhanced Torsion Bars 1 t Class Cost: 100,000
Enhanced Horizontal Leaf Springs, Enhanced Coil Springs Class 2, Enhanced Levers, Enhanced Leaf Springs Class 2, Enhanced Torsion Bars 3 t Class, Enhanced Vertical Coil Springs Class 2 Cost: 200,000
Improved Hardening (Class 3) Cost: 200,000
Enhanced Suspension Cost: 300,000
Enhanced Coil Springs Class 3, Enhanced Longitudinal Torsion Bars, Enhanced Leaf Springs Class 3, Enhanced Torsion Bars 5+ t Class, Enhanced Vertical Coil Springs Class 3 Cost: 500,000
Enhanced Belleville Washers Cost: 600,000
Improved Hardening (Class 1) Cost: 600,000

Here are some important points to note about your existing equipment:

    • Before changes to the Equipment system hit our live servers along with Update 1.10, you can demount Camouflage Nets, Toolboxes, and Binocular Telescopes for free.
      • But keep in mind that after the feature is released, you’ll need to spend 10 or a Demount Kit to remove each of these items from all your vehicles.
      • While you're getting used to the new system, you may need to tweak your setups by using Demount Kits to remove equipment. Find out more about them here.
    • Equipment whose class will be changed under the new system is indicated by a warning icon. You can continue to use this equipment on the tank it is currently mounted on, but it will not be possible to remount it after demounting.
      • However, after Update 1.10 is released, please note that this equipment will be demounted and sent to the Depot automatically with the subsequent update.
    • All Improved Equipment mounted on your vehicles will also be sent to the Depot automatically, as well as all equipment for Tier I-III vehicles!
    • When Update 1.10 hits our live servers, demounting rules will be unified for all equipment. Any Equipment previously considered Standard Equipment (Camouflage Net, Binocular Telescope, and Toolbox) can be demounted according to the general rules, either for 10 or using a Demount Kit.


Full details about the conversion of your old equipment are available in the feature announcement.

We hope you'll find the new Equipment 2.0 system more dynamic and easy to use, Commanders. Try it out with the release of Update 1.10 and share your feedback!