World of Tanks Turns 12: Our Last Weekend Party!


This August, World of Tanks celebrates its 12th anniversary. Get in on all the birthday fun by partaking in Anniversary Missions to earn Anniversary Coins that can be exchanged for valuable in-game goodies and unique customization elements!

 World of Tanks: 12th Birthday

August 12 14:00 UTC+8 through August 22 14:00 UTC+8

The last full day of the event is August 21. Make sure to claim your rewards for Anniversary Coins before August 22 14:00 UTC+8.

We’re holding our in-game birthday party on a sunny beach. Until the end of August, your Garage will stay a place where you can turbo-chill.

Anniversary Missions

You can access the Anniversary Missions via the object bearing the number “12,” or by clicking the special window in the bottom-right corner of your sun-lit holiday Garage.

Every day of the event, players are offered a Daily Anniversary Mission, randomly drawn from a pool of 25 missions. Daily Anniversary Missions are to be completed on the same day they appear. Your progress in a mission does not carry over to the next day.

All players can also complete two Major Anniversary Missions, which are the same for everyone. There’s still time to finish up your second mission!

  • First Serious Mission
  • Second Serious Mission
First Serious Mission


  • Earn a total of 21,000 of base experience over any number of battles.


  • Only for Tier IV vehicles or higher.


  • 20 Anniversary Coins
Second Serious Mission


  • Cause 50,000 HP of damage over any number of battles.


  • Only for Tier IV vehicles or higher.


  • 20 Anniversary Coins

The Presents

If you log in to the game on any day of the birthday event (before August 22), you’ll receive the Only Twelve 2D style for free. Also, for each day you log on during the event, you’ll get one day of WoT Premium Account.

Every Daily Anniversary Mission yields you 5 Anniversary Coins, which can be exchanged for bonds, Personal Reserves, crew members, days of WoT Premium Account, styles, fun customization options, and other valuable items in the special section of the in-game Store. Completing a Major Anniversary Mission will reward you with 20 Anniversary Coins.

If you would like to obtain even more Anniversary Coins, check out the special offers in the Premium Shop. But make sure to spend all of your Anniversary Coins before the official World of Tanks birthday party ends!

Purchase Anniversary Bundles Here  

Here are the styles on offer during the game’s 12th birthday as event rewards and part of various bundles.

Here are the awesome decals and inscriptions available for both Anniversary Coins and gold.

Colorful Dozen Birthday Cake Comrades in Arms Chilling Mouse

Lago M38

Completing any 3 Daily Anniversary Missions will get you the Lago M38, a brand-new, rapid-firing Tier III Swedish Premium tank.

Gentle Wave 2D Style

Once you complete any 5 Daily Anniversary Missions, you’ll receive the unique and impressive Gentle Wave 2D style.

It pays to log on and visit the beach party every day. Look out for large discounts on equipment, consumables, customization elements, Crew XP conversion, and more. This weekend, there are x5 XP multipliers for the first victory on every vehicle.

  • August 17–22
  • August 19–22
  • August 19–22
August 17–22
  • Discount on Free-to-Crew XP conversion (1:25)
  • Discounts on consumables and equipment (credits, 50%)
  • Discount on customization elements and Garage slots (gold, 50%)
August 19–22
  • x5 XP for the first win of the day on every vehicle
August 19–22
  • Discounts on Barracks bunks, resetting crew skills, and crew training and re-training (gold, 50%)
  • Discount on crew member specialization changes (gold, 25%)

World of Tanks 12th Anniversary

The 12th Anniversary Event lasts from August 12 to August 22 and is packed with discounts, specials, missions, and activities! Check out the event guide for everything you need to know and learn how to get new Lago M38. There are also plenty of in-game discounts available, so don't miss out!