Welcoming new Community Contributors!

Tank Commanders,

After much deliberation and hours of application review, we’re excited to welcome iguru, Ravvi_, and My_Li0N_WoT into the English Community Contributors program for World of Tanks Asia! Already ambassadors of the game within the community, these tankers will be working alongside our existing CCs producing content for you to consume when you’re not on the battlefield yourself – with a focus on developing the skills of both new and existing players.

Below are links to their channels and a short introduction from each, if you see them online or in-game, be sure to say hi!


"I had Tamiya tanks when I was 10 and when I saw a World of Tanks commercial on National Geographic in 2012. I signed on. I started making videos in Jan 2015 and I haven't stopped since. I document how I 'feel' about the tank rather than draw attention to its performance stats."


"Hi all, my name is Ravvi. I am 21 years old and born and raised in Wodonga – not the most popular town in Aus. I have been playing World of Tanks since 2013 and I am currently an Executive Officer of the clan World of Tanks University (WOT-U), this is a training clan for new and current players that wish to learn more about the game mechanics, so that they can enjoy the game like I do."


"Hey, my name's Alex. I live in Hobart, Australia. I play games in my spare time, but mainly World of Tanks. I've been around since 2012, cruising on and off the scene in WGL and drifting through clans. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to leave a follow on the way out. <3"

Thank you to all who made the effort to apply, and congratulations once again to our new Community Contributors!