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Weekly Special: A Heavy Weekend Training

Tank Commanders!

The heavy tank is a must-have for your team in battle. Able to absorb and deal out astonishing amounts of damage, a good commader of a heavy tank is more likely to single-handedly contribute to the victory of his or her team than any other vehicle class.

This weekend, we're putting on some discounts and missions specifically tailored for heavy tanks and their crew. Purchase new heavy tanks from tiers II to VII at a reduced price, or make use of the increased Crew EXP rate to train up your men. Crew retraining and skill reset costs are also temporarily lowered as well!

Roll out!

Weekly Special: A Heavy Weekend Tanking

Event Start: 22 May, 2015 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 25 May, 2015 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)





Regular Vehicles

  • 50% off All Tier II - V heavy tanks

  • 30% off All Tier VI - VII heavy tanks

Premium Vehicles

  • 50% off All Tier II - V heavy tanks

Up to 50% off for the following:

  •  Crew (re)training costs
  • Crew skill reset costs

Crew EXP Bonus

  • Crew EXP rate is now increased to x3.




Weekend Challenge

Complete 10 Random Battles while fulfilling the following conditions:

  • Use a Tier IV or higher vehicle
  • Be in the Top 10 of your team for EXP earned in battle


  • 5,000 EXP


  • EXP reward will be given to the tank used for the last required battle.
  • Mission can only be completed 5 times per account.